The Hunger

Gabrielle Evans
The Hunger
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
August 2011
Book 7 of Fatefully Yours
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

It's not that Onyx feels sorry for himself. He just doesn't know where he fits into their unconventional relationship. Everyone has someone who complements them—everyone except him. He'd hoped Echo would be his saving grace, but he'll have to reveal more of himself than he's ready to if he hopes to win his mate's trust.

Everyday Echo watches Onyx struggle, and it breaks his heart. He wants to be everything the warrior needs, but when he discovers Onyx's secret, it won't be easy to overcome his fears and place himself at the demon's mercy. If he hopes to fully commit to his men, though, it's time to let go of the past.

When the new moon brings with it their fiercest enemy yet, Onyx isn't worried. His love for Echo far outweighs his fear. Echo is his miracle, and he'd do anything to protect his mate. Anything.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Sep 23, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Come on baby, make it hurt so good! Time flies when Gabrielle Evans gets cookin' with her 7th installment of the Fatefully Yours saga. THE HUNGER takes readers another step closer to the final showdown, throwing action, drama and lots more hot sex into the mix which readers have come to love. THE HUNGER also adds more dimensions to the relationship between Echo, his men and their ever growing number of allies and enemies.

Onyx has always felt like the odd man out. All of the other men seem to have someone that completes and complements them but Onyx has never felt that kind of connection. Now that Echo has joined them, Onyx is hoping he is the one man he can truly be himself with. Onyx knows that if Echo can just let go of some of his fears from his time in the lab, then he will enjoy the things that Onyx wants to share with him.

Echo is tired. The constant state of fear and worry is starting to take its toll and he just needs some down time. When Onyx offers him a way to let go of everything for a while and leave all the decisions in someone else's hands, will he be able to let go of his fears and accept Onyx's brand of sex?

There is so much happening outside the usual relationship drama in this book. There are multiple kidnappings and vampires and skin walkers and you really don't know who to trust. The lab that has not been mentioned much in the last two books you know is going to be coming back into play soon. The stress and pressure of each "test" would be too much for each man to handle on his own but with the group working together and the love that bonds them, they just might make it out alive.

With only two books left Ms. Evans has really started to amp up the tension and seems to be adding more elements to the storyline. I know I am excited to see what Ms. Evans is going to throw into the pot next.
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