The Fortunes Of Fausto

Roland Graeme
The Fortunes Of Fausto
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
July 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Recently retired professional football player Fausto Mardones-Gil is a celebrity who seems to have it all: fame, fortune, and a promising "second career" as an actor. The one thing missing from his life is another man to share it with. But Fausto has never forgotten his first real love, Gene.

Now, twenty years after they first fell in love, the two men are unexpectedly reunited, and the erotic heat between them flares up all over again, as though scarcely a day has passed since the last time they were intimate. But neither Fausto nor Gene is a na´ve young man any longer. Both men now have pasts and bring emotional baggage to their reinvigorated relationship.

Can they overcome all that has happened to them during the past two decades and be given a second chance at love?

Note: This book contains brief drug use.

Book Review by Midia
Sep 29, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A hot story about lost love and second chances. But hot in the sense of very hot sex and nothing else.

Fausto Mardones-Gil is a retired football player who is on tour to promote his autobiography. He is tired of so much traveling and he is lonely. He wants to have someone in his life to call his partner and life. When he takes part in an autograph session at a bookstore in Seattle, his life takes a turn. Holding the book to be signed is Gene, his first lover (and who introduced him to the pleasures of sex).

First I wanted to say that this book can be summarized as PWP (porn without plot). It does have a minimal plot but does not equal the book A Dance of Love and Jealousy by the same author. So if you choose to read this book, keep in mind this difference.

I chose this book to give me a break from the books that make me think or that gets me emotionally involved. And he gave me just what I wanted. An enjoyable read with lots of sex.

THE FORTUNES OF FAUSTO tells the story of Faust, his initiation to sex by Gene and his present life as it is. I will not lie. It has a lot of sex scenes (for example there is a threesome, reaming, sex with assistant coach). I think 60% of the book has to do with sex. And the romance is not very romantic. There is no declaration of love, roses and chocolates, and so on. It's the I-love-you-so-let's-have-animal-sex kind.

The story is well written and if you choose to read the book, keep in mind that you will not find a well-developed plot. Nevertheless, the book is very good and pleasant.
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