The Soldier & the State Trooper

Cherie Noel
The Soldier & the State Trooper
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MLR Press
Release Date
August 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Career soldier Christie Collins figured out early that love could be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving an empty place that was just another pothole on life's rocky road. The detours of sudden single fatherhood and a nosy best friend who won't let even death stop her from interfering in every date leave Christie convinced that finding a partner is next to impossible.

State Trooper Robert Lindstrom catches Christie speeding along the stretch of highway he patrols and a routine traffic stop turns into love lights flashing and instant attraction for these two men in uniform. It looks like smooth sailing to their happily ever after until an unexpected deployment sends Christie into danger. Can their love survive both bombs and the betrayal of Christie by his closest comrade?

Book Review by Midia
Sep 26, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A sweet love story post-DADT where a soldier does not need to hide being gay and may even marry. To complete, the story has an adorable baby and a friendly ghost.

Christie is a soldier who is adjusting to a newborn daughter and suffering from the loss of his best friend. When he wakes up late in the day that he must sign his departure, he tries to compensate for its delay by driving above the speed limit on the road. State Trooper Robert is responsible for monitoring the road on which Christie is racing. And when he stops the car Christie's in to fine him, he realizes that Christie is his soul mate. And he starts a campaign to conquer him.

Although the book has all the components that I love (I love stories where the characters have children), I did not feel engaged by the story. I felt I was reading a history of Harlequin where a young widow, struggling to raise the child, finds her prince charming with his large family and is enraptured by passion for the hero, and they live happily ever after. Just to make clear I have nothing against this kind of story. I practically grew up reading Harlequin books. But I did not think it worked here (just to reinforce, that's just my opinion).

The story is well written and the author has a talent with words. At some points I found myself laughing to some situations. The characters are believable and you could tell she really knows what she writes.

But two things bothered me in the story. The first was the passage of time. I like to follow the relationship between the characters, how they arrived at that point in the relationship. And the many passages of time interrupt this process and take away some of my enjoyment. My other problem was the repetition of an expression by Christie (the expression is to replace his swearing). At first it was funny but after the fourth time started to annoy me.

Overall, THE SOLDIER & THE STATE TROOPER was an enjoyable read. The romance was sweet and romantic with an ending that I thought ideal. I look forward to the second book by the author.
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