Make You Sweat

Pia Veleno
Make You Sweat
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Release Date
August 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Ready for change, Tyler Pierce has the whole summer ahead of him when he flies to Sand Piper Beach to turn over a new leaf. Sun, swimming, exercise, he'll return home a new man, sexy and buff. Best of all, several states away from home and college, no one but his dad knows him, so he can muddle through the challenges of getting fit without friends laughing at him.

During his first visit to the fitness center, Tyler meets the sculpted and toned Cody Dawson, fitness instructor and sexy gay man. Not only does Cody help Tyler learn how to use the strength training equipment, but he crashes through Tyler's fantasies and lures him into bed.

Just a passing fling, Tyler decides. Cody, after all, could get any number of better looking men without even trying. Besides, the summer doesn't last forever and, too soon, Tyler will return to campus leaving Cody to the ex who wants him back. A summer fling can grow into something more, but it's up to Tyler to recognize if it's true love or just heated summer lust.

Book Review by Dee
Sep 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Anyone who knows me as a reader knows that a 5 star review is not something that I give out very often. A book has to really move me or engross me in order for that to happen and MAKE YOU SWEAT by Pia Veleno did not disappoint. I first read some of Ms Veleno's work when she wrote a story based on a photo prompt in the m/m romance group on and her writing just resonated with me. So when I saw her new book available for review, I jumped on it.

Spending the summer with his dad is just what Tyler was looking for. Its an opportunity for him to spend the summer at the beach, working out – planning to return to school the next year buff and sexy. On his first day at the gym, he meets Cody, a fitness instructor who offers to help him with his summer goals. As the summer progresses, the relationship between Tyler and Cody depends, but will it just turn out to be a case of summer loving or something more?

While I was reading MAKE YOU SWEAT, I had that old song from Grease going through my head, Summer Lovin' and to me it works well with the story. I loved Tyler as a character, the young innocent college boy, and Cody, the old man. This is definitely a book for anyone who likes twinks in their m/m romance, while reading it, I termed it twinkalicious ;) The development of the relationship between Cody and Tyler seemed to be believable and not too rushed like other romances I have read, and the angst towards the end as the summer drew to a close felt real to me. I actually felt sad for them as Tyler was planning on returning to school.

However, like every book, there were some weaknesses or plot difficulties. For me, there were two that were of a minor annoyance, and one of which is Tyler's lack of self-esteem as the summer progressed. There seemed to be an almost woe-is-me moments sprinkled throughout and then there is the cover. I don't know what it is about them, but personally, I really dislike the cartoon-y looking covers. If this book had been written by an author I wasn't familiar with, I probably would have passed it over because of the cover. I guess that just means, I should learn to not judge books by their covers ;)

If she continues the way she has so far, Pia Veleno will very quickly find her way onto my auto-buy pile and I look forward to more by her in the future.
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