A Bride for Two Roughnecks

Helena Ray
A Bride for Two Roughnecks
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Release Date
July 2011
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Alexis Darnielle is fed up with her life as a ballerina in Kansas. She travels to Male Order's world-famous dance hall, the Twirling Lasso, to learn how to relax. Roughneck Tristan Burke is eager to help the sheltered virgin learn to lower her guard in more ways than one.
However, there's more to Tristan than meets the eye. He and Jeremiah Pierce, the Twirling Lasso's handsome owner, are the heirs to the Burke Pierce Energy fortune. When Jeremiah falls for Alexis, too, she finds herself the object of two sexy oil billionaires' affections.
But big trouble is brewing at Burke Pierce. Before Alexis can start loving Tristan and Jeremiah, the three of them need to find their way out of big oil's biggest legal scandal. Alexis sees a way to save the day and her two men, but first she needs to overcome her past and learn to let go.

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Sep 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS combines two very different men and a strong female to form a loving ménage. The sex is super hot and the emotions run wild in this outstanding story about more couples from the town of Male Order.

Alexis is, at heart, truly a virgin. Not only is her body innocent, but she seems untouched by the world. When she is forced to leave Kansas City because of the violence focused towards her, she finds herself in Male Order for the night. She decides to drop by The Twirling Lasso, world-famous dance hall in town to do some sightseeing and maybe try out the two-step. She meets Tristan and he tries to teach her to two-step. Her natural dance ability allows her to pick up the dance quickly. After Tristan and Alexis get busy, he arranges for her to stay in an exclusive guesthouse.

When Jeremiah arrives home, he discovers that Tristan has found a woman for them. It is common for men in Male Order to live in ménage relationships, and Tristan and Jeremiah hope to share a woman as their fathers did. Although Jeremiah is as attracted to Alexis as Tristan is, there is a lawsuit in the works that might mess things up for the boys.

I found A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS to be a great story. The characters of Tristan and Jeremiah are different personalities, but they complement each other. They both want Alexis in their lives and are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to bring that about. Although Alexis is a virgin at the beginning of the story, she catches on quickly. She has a strong enough personality to keep two men in line! I enjoyed how the author combines innocence and strength to create this woman. Although this story is only about 130 pages, there is enough action in it to feel like a full-length novel. The sex is hot enough to steam your glasses and tender enough to bring tears to your eyes!

If you like ménage stories, pick this one up. A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS is one great read!
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