Nice Girls, Naughty Sex: Twenty Erotic Tales

Edited by Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade
Nice Girls, Naughty Sex: Twenty Erotic Tales
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Seal Press
Release Date
February 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade, founders of the erotica website Oysters and Chocolate, have compiled this anthology of erotic literature that ranges from sweet to spicy.

Divided into four distinct "flavors"—Vanilla, Dirty Martini, Licorice Whips, and Oysters—Nice Girls, Naughty Sex covers a wide range of sexualities and preferences. The Vanilla section (the "traditionalist" flavor) offers stories of straight sex between one man and one woman; Dirty Martini (sex with a twist) stories include stranger sex, fetishes, threesomes, foursomes, and more; Licorice Whips explores the bittersweet dance of domination and submission; and Oysters features bisexual and lesbian stories.

With the wide range of erotic subgenres it envelopes, Nice Girls, Naughty Sex is a fun, sometimes edgy, collection of sexy encounters that appeals to every kind of reader—no matter what their taste.

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Sep 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Erotic tales doesn't come close to describing the incredibly hot stories that the creators of have included in NICE GIRLS, NAUGHTY SEX. This anthology is divided into four sections with the stories placed according to their erotic flavor. All the sections are filled with hot, erotic tales that will create unforgettable images crafted by the authors' decadent words.

If you're a reader of classic erotic tales then the Vanilla stories are going to be your cup of tea. These creamy stories are like smooth confections of sex between a man and a woman with just a hint of decadence.

Siestas and Spanish Leather Boots by Rosalia Zizzo is just such a tasty treat. Annabella's life in Madrid is filled with a cacophony of traffic, crowded streets, long lines and general chaos. Her favorite pastime is her weekly trysts in the Prado Museum with Benito. It's the only time her life is peaceful and quiet. Benito is her older lover, who is a professor and docent at the Museum. During siesta, Annabella can give herself over to Benito and pleasure in a place filled with beautiful art. She realizes after another afternoon of pleasure that somehow she must change her life by finding her version of siesta and with it harmony, and it will start with a pair of sexy Spanish leather boots!

Or perhaps you'd like a Dirty Martini with a little exhibitionism, sexual games or multiple partners thrown in. These tales were my favorites, like A Welcome Threat by Venerato Petronius which begins with a couple talking about their first sexual encounters and how times have changed. Eva also regales Jack with her story of almost walking in on her son receiving his first blowjob. Eva didn't interrupt, but they had a conversation afterwards. While chatting, Jack and Eva have driven out to the scene of Jack's first sexual escapade. The open field is now filled with empty homes due to the economic downturn. Eva gets Jack aroused and appropriates one of the houses for a tryst because there are police cars patrolling the area and having sex in the grass isn't comfortable. They progress from Jack pleasuring her on the kitchen counter, to ending up on the floor in a sweating writhing coupling. The police enter the house with guns drawn and turn about is fair play when Eva's son says, "Mom, is that you?" It made me laugh out loud.

Or maybe Licorice Whips with its dominance and submission dance. These stories give you that delicious tingle that licorice always does. A Lesson for Claire by Kestra Graiver definitely provides that tingle and more! Claire has spent her postgraduate college life working under the eye of her advisor, Dominic. Now Claire is to head a division at the college and she goes to Dominic for advice on how to lead. He shows her that being dominant doesn't mean that the other party is weak. Dominic tells Claire to pick a sexual image and act it out. She does and it turns into a scorching hot story with Claire directing Dominic's every move and ensuring pleasure for both!

And finally, there are Oysters – slick, slippery bites of tasty lesbian and bisexual fiction. Phoenix by Valerie Lewis was a poignant story about two lovers at a convention in Phoenix where one was the keynote speaker and the other her "niece". During a speech the two lovers leave to visit the restroom where they have an amorous escapade in the handicap stall. Having sex there is a miracle because the "niece" has a phobia about public restrooms. Now, the "niece" is an old lady who works for a large firm on the West Coast and smiles every time she walks out of the restroom, wet and with a smile.

This anthology is a must have for your library. I applaud the editors for their choice of stories. It must have been a daunting task. All of the stories were terrific and kept me reading into the wee hours! I can't wait to hop onto their website for more juicy tidbits!
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