Behind Closed Doors

Gabrielle Evans
Behind Closed Doors
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
August 2011
Book 8 of Fatefully Yours
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Myst doesn't know how to get the things he needs without pushing his lovers away. His darkest desires have driven a wedge between them, and he's at a loss when it comes to bridging the gap. The irony that he'll need to face his own inner demons isn't lost on him, either.

With so much discord in their home, it's a wonder anyone even remembers they have one final challenge before the equinox. Things are spinning out of control, but Echo has no idea how to bring them all together again.

When things finally come to a head, and Myst is forced to reveal his deepest secrets, it will take a combined effort to bring the demon back from the brink. Will they lose the warrior to his own hell? Or can their love rescue him in time to face their newest enemy?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Sep 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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You dropped a bomb on me, Baby! Holy major reveal Batman!!! The things that are exposed in this 8th installment of the Fatefully Yours series had me reeling, but the things that have yet to be discovered promise to make the final installment explosive. Echo and his hellishly hot demon mates have one more test before the battle on the fall equinox that will determine if they get to live and love topside or be banished back to the underworld. All hell is about to break loose and the battle lines have been drawn.

To say that tensions are running high would be a major understatement so the guys decide to head to the strip club they own for a little down time. What starts as a fun night out quickly turns into drama when Myst tries to make Echo jealous and just ends up hurting him and getting an innocent waiter fired in the process. Myst has self- esteem issues and pulls pranks to get reactions out of his men, unfortunately this time it backfires on him and causes problems in the house.

Echo isn't sure he can give Myst the confidence boost he needs to complete his task when he is struggling with issues of his own. The pressure of what's to come and what is at stake are starting to take their toll on everyone in the house. Dealing with the stress is either going to make the bond they share stronger or it's going to tear them apart forever.

The tension in this episode is palpable and makes for a great arc to the last story. There are some definite storyline shifts that add to the overall mystery and suspense. Ms. Evans has done a great job building the expectations for the final battle, while the series itself is about relationships, it has a very epic feel to it. If you are looking for some yummy goodness with a little larger-than-life flavor and a lot of hot loving then start at the beginning of this series and enjoy!
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