White Wolf

Jianne Carlo
White Wolf
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2009
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

"I'm counting to ten and then I'll start shooting," Sheriff Gray White balanced a rifle on one shoulder and held a spotlight at eye level effectively blinding the perp.

"My name's Sorcha McFadden, officer, and as you can see I've been skinny dipping," his very naked, very sexy perp announced.

Stunned, White Wolf Gray can't reconcile the nude, auburn-haired nymph, Sorcha, with his little sister's childhood best friend. Especially when fate and his own body decree her his mate.

At thirteen, Sorcha watched Gray screwing Tonya Hazzard, the captain of the cheerleading team, from her perch in the hayloft. The image of his pumping hips invaded Sorcha's every fantasy, propelled her every climax from that day forward.

They're destined for each other, except... Sorcha doesn't believe in the supernatural, but her life—as well as the answers to the mystery surrounding her parents' murder-suicide fifteen years—earlier depend on it.

Gray's the only thing standing between her and certain death, but her grandmother's last message was "Trust no one."

Does that include Gray?

Book Review by ReviewsbyMolly (reviewer)
Aug 02, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When I read a paranormal romance novel, I want it to be super sexy, filled with mind blowing twists, and roller coaster turns that will set me down in unexpected places through out the story. Ms. Carlo's WHITE WOLF did just that and so much more. From the start, I was taken away to a world of sexy wolves, erotic loving and characters that steal your heart. The best part? This is just the start of the White Wolf series.

Sorcha is a character that will work her way under your skin, the same way she did her mate's. She's been through so much in her 30 years. Unable to remember much from her younger years due to an accident caused by her father, she feels the pull to return to Twisp. Once back at her Gramma's home, she takes a dip in the lake out back, only to rise at the order of Sheriff Gray White. The thing about that is, she's loved him since she was a youngster and caught him banging the cheerleader. Now, he's in front of her, and there's no denying the sizzling passion she feels for him! But, there's something else. There's been a murder in the tiny town of Twisp, and strange things are happening around her. Can her White Wolf protect? Can she accept her fate as a mate of Gray Wolf?

Gray Wolf never dreamed he could feel these things for his baby sister's childhood friend. But the minute he lays eyes on the naked beauty at her grandmother's home, his feelings are definitely leaning towards protective and erotic. As sheriff of the town, he has to find out what's going on around him...and protect his newly found mate. His heart, however, can't quite grasp that his mate is a human. There's got to be missing pieces to the puzzle. Can he figure it out? Or will he lose his heart forever?

Each page turn brings a new and edge-of-your seat twist of events in the town. From a murdered member of society to a murdered cockatoo, things aren't adding up. Just when you expect the truth to be revealed, Ms. Carlo hits you with another turn and completely knocks your breath away! Mix in nights of erotic passion and punishment, and you've got a highly recommended 5 star worthy read! I am looking forward to another installment in the White Wolf series from this talented author.
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