Lucky in Red

Jianne Carlo, Lynn Lorenz, Belinda McBride
Lucky in Red

Passion in Print
Release Date
November 2010
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Dark Chocolate Side of the Moon

Werewolf Maximilian Lobos likes his women overripe, luscious and curvy, and spitting-fire passionate. Prim and proper Candi Wagner is so not his type, yet when he discovers she wears chocolate body paint, his testosterone levels careen off the planet. Trouble is Candi doesn't understand what being claimed means, doesn't get that weres mate for life, doesn't believe weres even exist. Lucky for Max she's natural sub and he soon has her handled. Or does he?

Dos Lunas

Middle brother Diego Lobos has everything he needs. Friends, family, a business, even a great truck, yet there's always a hole inside him that won't be filled. When cool, controlled Victoria Talbot brings in a badly stained dress, he knows she's the one to fill that space. Can he trust her with his secrets if she hides her own?

Red Velvet Moon

Youngest brother Antonio Lobos is hot for Rubenesque Daphne Raine and she's hot for him. When she brings in her favorite red dress to be cleaned, their attraction ignites. But Daphne's got a dirty secret and Tony needs to know it. Just how did the beautiful business woman get blood all over her dress?


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