Jianne Carlo
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Hartwood Publising
Release Date
January 2015
Book 1 of Hades Squad
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Navy SEAL Sinner's trapped in a blizzard with Destiny, a woman traveling with porn DVDs, whips, and cuffs. When the electricity fails, there's only one way to stay hot.

Navy SEAL Sinner is no choir boy. Deployed to fight an out-of-control brush fire in Alaska, Sinner is the last smoke jumper to exit the plane. Sinner veers off course, his chute fails, his reserve opens, and he's knocked unconscious when he lands in a pear tree. Sinner awakens in a cabin to the sight of a woman with the face of a Madonna and the body of a stripper tending to him.

Destiny is in Alaska, armed with whips, cuffs, and copies of "classic"—who knew?—porn movies, to "sex up" former bestselling author Nadine Roland's latest manuscript. It's make or break it time for Destiny, career wise. The last thing she needs is a car that won't start, a fricking blizzard, and a SEAL named Sinner who thinks she's into BDSM because of her "toys."

Sinner doesn't believe Destiny is a book editor, not for a second. He knows they're trapped in the cabin for at least two days. When the lights go out, Sinner knows exactly how he's going to stay warm.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Feb 16, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Whew, baby! Jianne Carlo sure knows how to make me blush. A PARATROOPER IN A PEAR TREE has everything I LOVE in my romance novels. The hero is deliciously alpha and utterly smitten, the heroine is strong, the story was fast-paced and interesting, and it was sexy beyond belief.

Destiny Driver, yep she was given that stripper name at birth, is in Alaska trying to salvage the latest book she's editing. She's trying to "sex it up", so she brought some visual aids with her like porn videos, sex toys, and handcuffs to give her some inspiration. Little does she know, inspiration is literally about to fall out of the sky.

Paratrooper Lincoln Chapman's parachute goes off course when he's on a mission and he lands in a tree which leaves him unconscious. Destiny gets him out of her tree and brings him into her cabin. When he wakes up, he sees Destiny--and all of her sex aids--and he's instantly intrigued. When a storm hits, they are stuck in the cabin without electricity and only their body heat to keep them can figure out the rest.

But, after the storm clears, Lincoln is determined to show Destiny that she was more than just a fling, and he wants her to be his.

Let me start off by saying that the heat between Destiny and Linc was just sizzlin'! Linc was extremely naughty and so sexy. But at the same time, he was fiercely protective and loyal, which made him all the more attractive in my book.

The plot wasn't just about the time in the cabin--actually that only got us to about halfway through the book. I thought that the problems they faced after leaving the cabin made the book more realistic. It helped there wasn't that "insta-love" kind of relationship in the book. The story gave Linc and Destiny's relationship a chance to develop and I like that.

We also get a chance to meet some of the other characters in the Hades Squad, a group of ex-SEALS that are going into a security group together. These are Linc's friends, and are the basis for the rest of the books in the Hades Squad series.

So, what can I say, I loved A PARATROOPER IN A PEAR TREE. I think it's a sign of great things to come for the Hades Squad Series, and I'm going to definitely check out Jianne Carlo's other series.
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