For the Love of Liberty

Sierra Summers
For the Love of Liberty
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Liquid Silver
Release Date
July 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Liberty Slater and her young son have been virtual prisoners of her father-in-law since her husband's death. The only thing that has given her comfort is the wild wolf living in the woods behind her home. She can tell her wolf her hopes, dreams and fears. But her wolf isn't what he appears; he's actually Damon Hix--a shifter sent by the half-brother she never knew about to bring her home.

When Damon reveals himself things get complicated, and what was supposed to be a snatch and grab changes the second he touches Liberty. He knows she belongs to him and him alone, no matter what it takes he will free Liberty.

Book Review by Bookgrrl
Sep 15, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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While short, FOR THE LOVE OF LIBERTY is a sweet story of a strong woman who does her best to protect her son and create a safe haven for him.

Liberty and her son have become prisoners in her father-in-law's house and pack. She finds solace with a wild wolf in the forest behind her house. What she doesn't know is that the wild wolf is really shifter Damon Hix.

Liberty is left out of the loop with a lot of information. Not only is her wolf a shifter like herself, he was sent by her brother--a brother she didn't know she had. Furthermore, she has two sisters that are also unknown to her.

Damon, for his part, is entranced with Liberty. He knows that she is his mate and he cannot wait to get her and her son to safety.

Liberty's father-in-law has become increasingly demanding and obsessed with keeping her son safe and under lock and key. Damon is protective and is upfront with Liberty in all regards. It's a refreshing take on a paranormal mate story.

There is a lot of back story regarding her brother and sisters, so I think that reading the other books in the series would be highly recommended. I liked the fact that Liberty was making the most of a bad situation and I could understand --to a point--why her father-in-law was being so demanding and controlling. I don't agree with it, but then, I'm not part of a werewolf society.
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