Mistress of the Storm

Terri Brisbin
Mistress of the Storm
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Release Date
July 2011
Book 3 of The Storm Trilogy
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

An epic struggle for dominance is ravaging the Isle of Skye. And in its midst, a man and a woman are locked together by fate—and fantasy…

Odious though it is, Isabel knows what she must do: go to the one known as the Healer, seduce him, and recruit him to her power-hungry stepfather's cause. If she refuses, her innocent young sister will pay the terrible price of her disobedience. Yet after just one night with the man she must manipulate, it is clear to Isabel that even if she succeeds, the deceit will not leave her unscathed. For in the healer's powerful arms, her heart is lost forever…

Duncan of Skye knows there are those who would use his unusual gift for their own selfish gain. Even so, he yearns to trust the beautiful temptress who warms his bed and fills him with insatiable passion. And when he must choose between her future and his own, he may have to risk everything—even his life…

Book Review by Lisa Jo
Sep 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MISTRESS OF THE STORM by Terri Brisbin is a scorching romance! Emotionally riveting and powerfully passionate, this book is a fantastic read!

Isabel has been mistreated by her stepfather, Sigurd, for many years now. So long as Isabel obeys him, he agrees to keep her sister Thora safe. With Thora's safety and happiness the most important thing to her, Isabel has willingly accepted her role as Sigurd's whore to give her body to any man he chooses. One night, he offers her to Duncan of Skye in order to convince him to become a part of Sigurd's evil plans for power. They spend a passionate night together, but Duncan realizes that will not be enough.

Now Duncan has arranged for them to spend one month together. Isabel seems to ease the quiet uncertainty within Duncan and he cannot understand why. She does not know it yet, but Duncan is gifted with a special healing ability. A blessing that is slowly killing him and causing him immense pain but shockingly Isabel's presence is easing that pain. If Duncan's life is coming to an end, he knows he must spend every last minute with Isabel...and before his time is up, ensure Isabel is safe from her evil stepfather forever.

The biggest question with this novel is whether or not you can come to love Isabel. It is not a secret that her evil stepfather forces her to use her body for his gain and she has become a shell of a person because of it. She has such a low opinion of herself that you come to feel very sorry for her. She only measures her worth by how enjoyable the next man thought she was in bed. With all that being said, I found myself going in the complete opposite direction and discovering Isabel is a remarkable character. You see her struggle with the person she used to be, the person she's become and the person she wants to be for Duncan. She is such an emotionally driven character that you come to understand and appreciate her even more.

Duncan of course is different from the other crude men of his time. He has the tough exterior that makes him unbeatable to those who wish to challenge him, yet sensitive enough to be the shoulder Isabel needs to lean on. He sees something more in Isabel than just her beauty and that is what makes him a unique and worthy hero. He is the goodness in a terribly cruel world and you can't help but fall a little bit in love with that.

MISTRESS OF THE STORM begins with two people who are overwhelmingly attracted to each other and who act on those emotions. It's more about seeking pleasure than seeking a relationship at first, but it really just adds to the drama of their relationship. Their attraction begins to develop into something more after time. Ms Brisbin writes incredibly intoxicating and beautifully expressive love scenes. They are absolutely spellbinding, which was a good thing since they take up about half of the book! But of course, there's always more behind the passion. This story will take you on many twists and turns along the way. I spent plenty of time wondering what was going to happen next and how the whole story was going to conclude. Terri Brisbin weaves an interesting and compelling story line that shocks you, yet impresses you with its overall entertainment value.

There are some minor flaws...extremely minor in my opinion. The ending wrapped up far too quickly. This is my first Brisbin novel and the third (and last) of the Storm Series, so fans who are familiar with the back story may have been very pleased with this ending. I felt the villain was defeated far too easily, but even so, that minor little thing did not affect my overall enjoyment of the story. MISTRESS OF THE STORM is a sizzling, emotional romance that will keep you up for hours desperate to finish. I loved it, I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it!
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