Eden Bradley
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Release Date
October 2011
Book 4 of Midnight Playground
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

In a realm of dangerously delicious decadence, three lost souls dare to love…

Ever, owner of London's infamous Midnight Playground, fears the pain of his past and the weight of centuries are pushing him to the edge of insanity. Not even his favorite indulgences—sex, blood, companionship—hold his interest. And he wonders, what's the point of immortality when life is unbearably empty?

Into the void stumbles trouble.

Kidnapped, Turned against her will then abandoned by a rogue vampire, Mercy Turned the handsome Deo in a fit of loneliness and despair. Now they stand, frightened and confused, before the Council to be punished for their unintentional crimes. Their fresh innocence, the intensity of their illegal bond, rekindles Ever's sexual and emotional fire.

The trio forges a connection that's more than simply a cure for Ever's lassitude. Its brilliance drives the shadows from his soul…until Mercy is threatened, and he must draw on his darkness to fight for her life. And risk losing his happily forever after to madness.

Warning: Old love lost, new love gained, and in between some of the hottest three-way vampire sex ever seen in Europe! Includes oral sex, anal sex, m/m/f, with a few spanking and rimming scenes because vampires are a dirty bunch.

Book Review by SColt (author,reviewer)
Oct 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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EVERSONG is another smoking hot installment in the Midnight Playground series. Eden Bradley has a knack for love scenes that makes your toes curl, and a setting you'll get lost in. This erotic paranormal will immerse you in a new world full of adventure, passion, and mystery with an old world charm.

As a member of the vampire council and an owner of the prestige sex club, Midnight Playground, Ever has everything he could want. Immortality, strength, and all the sex and blood he can handle. But time has a way of wearing down the strongest man, and Ever is no exception to the rule. The centuries have begun to blend together for the powerful vamp as he sinks into a depression he can't seem to shake himself free off. Then two new vampires appear before the council, and awaken something in him that had long slumbered.

Mercy was changed by a rogue vampire and left to fend for herself with no guidance. Driven by blood lust, Mercy meets and changes the beautiful Deo. Graced with his forgiveness, the two navigate their strange new world together. Taken in by ancient vampires at the Midnight Playground in South America, they are brought to face the council and await judgment. In the world Eden Bradley created, vampires are out in the open and run by their own set of rules. Found innocent of any crimes, Deo and Mercy are taken under the wing of the powerful vampire Ever.

The attraction between Deo, Mercy and Ever explodes on the page. He teaches them what it means to be a vampire, and in turn they provide him with an innocence long forgotten. They fit together like Yin and Yang, healing wounds and moving forward with purpose, until a malevolent force surfaces and threatens to ruin everything.

The world set up by Eden Bradley is intriguing, dangerous and sexy as hell. There seem to be little limits and you never know where the story will take you from page to page. Her details brought the book to life. I felt like I was reading a regency romance with the gothic settings, and old world politics, which I loved. Her sex scenes could make an erotic write blush! So if heat is what you're seeking, look no further.

My one wish was that we had seen more of the characters outside of sexual acts. At times I felt as if the plot development wasn't paid enough attention.
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