Becky Black
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Loose Id
Release Date
August 2011
LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Kit's a stowaway on a cargo freighter. Raine's the security chief. Obviously, bedding Kit is a terrible idea for Raine and Kit agrees. He's been screwed enough by authority. But somehow they keep doing it anyway.

The capture of stowaway Kit Miller brings some rare excitement to the life of Raine, security chief on a deep space cargo freighter. Kit's a fugitive, a shameless flirt and the sexiest man Raine's ever seen, but Raine's determined to resist him. Getting involved with Kit would be inappropriate and Raine prides himself on his rigid principles.

To Kit, Raine is just another authority figure like the ones who've screwed him over before, so he can't work out why Raine makes him feel so safe. Why the muscle-bound hunk makes him so hot is easier to understand.

Eventually, desire overcomes their wariness and they begin a passionate and mostly secret affair. When Kit proves his loyalty to the crew and the ship and Raine shows Kit he's not the kind of man Kit assumed he was, their feelings grow deeper. But the end of the voyage is looming and they face losing each other forever unless Raine is ready to give up all he's worked for to love a lawbreaking stowaway.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Oct 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What do you do with a stowaway on your ship? Well, you put him to work of course. Even if he pushes your buttons and you would rather bend him over a desk at any given time. This is an interesting science fiction romance with plenty of hot intimate encounters as well as hidden lust.

Kit is a stowaway. He's on a run from the law and the threat of prison when he finds a sanctuary on a cargo freighter. His little adventure doesn't last long, mostly because Kit is really terrible at planning and soon he gets into the hands of the security chief, Raine.

There are months between the freighter's current position and the final destination, and the ship's captain decides to give Kit some work before they can surrender him to the authorities. But Kit wouldn't be the man he is, if he didn't plan his escape every moment of the day.

Messing up his plans is the constant attraction he feels toward the chief. They seem to have plenty of lust between them and the initial denial on Raine's side turns into affection and the beginning of a romance.

I liked a lot of things in this book. From the idea and the whole concept of the world to the authenticity of the characters and plot twists. Both main and the side characters left an impression that was hard to ignore and ultimately I wanted to know more about them. The attention paid to descriptions of the ship and little details implemented almost like afterthoughts made me pay attention to the plot but also to the relations between the characters.

But while on one hand this book had all the basics covered, some were much missed. While usually I don't care much for a character's past, I felt it was needed in this instance. It would have helped us understand the men better and the distance I felt toward Raine would have probably been lessened. The details I did get about Raine felt more like teasers, especially because they were repeated so many times and I never got to know the world he came from.

Certain expressions were too modern, or maybe I should say too 21st century to really match the story and gave me a few moments of confusion where I tried to come up with alternatives, just to keep my mind on the logical side of things. But my main problem with this romance was the slow pace, which left me wishing for the end to come sooner. For some reason the book just didn't click for me as it should have and the clichéd ending with some brilliant moves from Raine made my dislike of his character more pronounced.

Overall there is nothing wrong with this book. It has required elements to make it good and it truly is interesting, but I think this is one of those you will either like or hate simply because not everyone's taste matches.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Loose Id.
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