All or Nothing

Jessica Jarman
All or Nothing
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Total E-Bound Publishing
Release Date
September 2009
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Two sexy men - her husband and his best friend - in her bed. Shannon couldn't stop thinking about it, but can she let go of the doubts and go through with it?

Shannon is happily married and very much in love with her husband, Nate. Her feelings are thrown for a loop when his best friend, Zac, moves in temporarily. His intense stares and naughty whispers about a ménage ignite something inside Shannon, but she says nothing to Nate. After all, Zac will be moving on soon, and there's no reason to upset her husband over nothing.

But Zac keeps pushing, and Nate doesn't seem all that mad at the possibility of a ménage with Zac. Can her marriage survive if the three of them go to bed together? Can it survive if they don't?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Sep 19, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This erotic short was absolutely delectable!

Shannon is a jumble of emotions. Her husband Nate's best friend, Zac, is living with them, and she is uncomfortable by the way he makes her feel. Even more, the way he looks at her is so intense, it's like he wants to eat her up. When Zac turns up the heat and lets Shannon know that he does in fact want to eat her up, she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to destroy the relationship between Nate and Zac, but she's not sure how to handle both Zac and her own feelings.

However, when Nate finds out what's going on between his wife and best friend, he's ready for them to explore the possibilities.

And, I must say, what a sinfully delicious exploration it was. I thought that ALL OR NOTHING was fantastic. Just enough story and plenty of steam. I totally devoured each and every page.

I thought that the struggle Shannon had with accepting her feelings for another man besides her husband added a splash of reality to this fantasy. I thought that the triad relationship developed appropriately as well, considering how short the story was (only about 45 pages).

Strong sexual tension and yummy eroticism was present through out the book. I've never read anything from Jessica Jarman before, but I must say, she has quite the talent for writing a naughty scene. And then, it all ended with a sweet HEA that melted my heart.

ALL OR NOTHING is an extremely erotic short that I thought a great blend of plot and sex, and the perfect amount of realism mixed in with the fantasy. This is my first Jessica Jarman read, but it most certainly will not be my last!
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