Mating Season

Persephone Jones
Mating Season
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Shadowfire Press
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Unemployed, homeless, and newly single Lily Easterman's life is in shambles. But it isn't until she has a hot one-night stand with a handsome stranger she meets in a bar that things go from bad to complicated. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with a sexy criminal or become a hostage to passion. But that's exactly what happens and the Easter miracles don't stop there.

Full-blooded Cherokee detective John Jumping Hare is a man on a mission. Investigating a rash of convenience store robberies, he adds passion to the mix when, during a routine training exercise, he gets taken for the armed robber by none other than the woman he just spent the night with. To tell her the truth would blow his cover, not to mention his fantasy, so he does what he has to and brings her along for the ride.

Book Review by MamaKitty (reviewer)
Sep 20, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When your life has gone to crap, having a one night stand with a gorgeous Native American doesn't sound like such a bad idea. For Lily Easterman, it's just what the doctor ordered. The attraction was immediate between the two, so it wasn't difficult for me to believe that they'd hop into the sack just a few hours after they met. What WAS difficult for me to believe was the intensity of their feelings for each other.

When John sees Lily in the store the next day, the whole situation was very confusing and highly unlikely. If he was a cop, he wouldn't be conducting a training exercise in public. They have actual training establishments for that. And IF they were doing an exercise, they certainly wouldn't be allowed to take a civilian hostage, even if they'd just spent the previous night boning said civilian.

Even though I couldn't stop reading, I felt like the storyline was highly improbable. They met, they hopped into bed a few hours later, and suddenly they have strong feelings for each other less than two days later. Sorry, but love takes a bit longer to develop. Not to mention you need to actually KNOW someone and not just spend some time between the sheets.

I will say this: Persephone Jones knows her Texas and Cherokee history. I like the fact that she included a reference to the Cherokee origins (or lack thereof) in Texas. Most people assume one Native American tribe is the same as any other.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. If you're looking for something short that you don't have to think too hard on, this one is the one to pick up.
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