Home to Hawk Ridge

Gemini Judson
Home to Hawk Ridge

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Release Date
September 2010
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Katerina Bauer's history is woven with threads of herbal magic and the powers of animal magnetism. She was orphaned as a child and raised by her aunts. These women use trickery and fascination to earn a dirty living. They've also made Kat their punching bag for twenty-three years.
We enter Kat's life just as she strikes out on her own. She's left the Bauer mansion, moving to a small town in northern WisconsinóHawk Ridge. Kat lacks confidence in her magical skills, but is pretty sure she'll remain lonely without them. With a gypsy spell on her lips, she empowers a candle to attract a mate.
Steve Rider is drawn to her magic flame, unaware of its magical implications. He's the one. He unwittingly falls into the arms of a bewitching green-eyed goddess. When Kat's magical charms lead to a love affair, she struggles with her own deceit. Is she just like her Bauer family after all? She's about to learn her subtle charms are no match for the wiles of the cruelest gypsy of them all.


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