Taken by Love

Mindi Winters
Taken by Love
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KCA Media
Release Date
September 2011
Book 1 of Hunters
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Strong willed, reckless, and longing for vengeance, Rebecca Carter heads into the fight alone…

Filled with regret at his failure, Austin Stern vows that this time the monster is going to die…

Five years after saying goodbye, Rebecca and Austin reluctantly decide to work together to finish the vampire that broke them apart. But evil has its own plans, and as things fall apart Rebecca and Austin will find their lives in each other's hands, both struggling to survive being taken by the beast.

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TAKEN BY LOVE is approximately 14,350 words long.

Heat Level: Light erotic with lots of emotion

Book Review by Erinne (author)
Oct 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Upon reading the first few paragraphs, I had really wanted to enjoy reading TAKEN BY LOVE! I'm not a fan of vampires...I'm Cheer Captain for Team Jacob...so I adore the vampire slayer who can rid the world of the evil vampires. My hopes were high as the Hunters, Rebecca and Austin, swore to dust Mannus, an ancient vampire who had slain Rebecca's parents. Unfortunately, I found myself slightly bored even though the tale was rushed.

Rebecca is a Hunter. She is sworn to kill vampires and she has a personal vendetta for Mannus because he turned her father into a vampire and then had him killed. But this poor girl is extremely confused. She doesn't know whether or not she wants to kiss or kill Austin, a fellow Hunter and ex-fiancé. She had dumped him because of an event that had scared her for several years. I can't get into that event because it is crucial to the storyline...

Austin is just as confused as Rebecca. He had tried everything to protect her and still she turned him aside. His love for her was deep and in the end, that love saved her. But getting to that point where both Austin and Rebecca could admit they cared for each other was an uphill battle!

The action scenes were fun and well-detailed but the love left me a bit hollow. While bullets are whizzing over their head, both Rebecca and Austin are contemplating sexing each other! If there was an aching between my thighs while bullets grazed my body, I would be screaming that I had been shot in my arena! I could care less who was on top of me! I would be mortified! I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that both were eagerly thinking about sex while their lives were in peril!

I do think that Mindi Winters will become a great author. She just needs to slow things down a bit and develop the characters more. I did enjoy her writing and I will read the next two books in the Hunters series.
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