Fallen Angel

Logan Belle
Fallen Angel
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Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date
September 2011
Book 2 of Blue Angel series
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

By day, Mallory Dale works as a paralegal in a top Manhattan law firm. But by night, she's known only as Moxie—a bombshell burlesque performer on the rise. Her dream is to become a top dancer at The Blue Angel—until her boyfriend, Alec, starts pushing her erotic boundaries. Can she handle a three-way with Violet Offender, a wildy uninhibited dominatrix—or should she hang up her feathers and silks and focus on her day job? That wouldn't be too hard, considering her sexy boss at the firm unexpectedly ignites her deepest fantasies—and tempts her to find satisfaction away from her tempestuous relationship with Alec. But is she ready to play it safe and give up the man she's always loved—and the sweet thrill of life on the edge?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Oct 09, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Immersing you into the sensual world of Burlesque, FALLEN ANGEL is full of eroticism, betrayal, and so much sex it'll make your head spin!

Mallory is leading a double life: a paralegal by day but at night she becomes Moxie, one of the lead dancers at the Blue Angel Burlesque club. Her day job pays the bills but she feels that her real life is defined by the persona she creates at the club. As she tries to reconcile her two lives, she is having trouble with her boyfriend Alec, fending off unwanted advances by another dancer and has some serious decisions to make in her professional life.

Ultimately, Mallory is going to have to decide who she's going to be: Mallory, Moxie, or is possible for her to have both?

This was an immensely entertaining read. Tons of sex, plenty of drama, and a very good story made the pages fly by literally. Mallory's character was a bit lost. She's in her late twenties but had no clue what she wanted out of life. She knew she was going to have to make some decisions, but she had no idea in what direction she wanted her life to go.

All the while, there is blackmail, infidelities, secret kinks, and not to mention tons of sex. All kinds of sex. F/F, M/M, and M/F sex is all there with all different types of characters in all kinds of ways you can imagine. It was definitely smoking hot.

There were some memorable characters that I wouldn't mind seeing more of: Violet, the tattooed Dominatrix/Burlesque dancer and Mallory's nemesis, Mallory's hot boss Gavin who is not who he seems, and Billy Braxton, Mallory's boyfriend's boss who has secrets of his own--and those are just a few. They all came together to make the story that much more interesting.

The one complaint I have about the book is that I felt like at times, there are TOO much going on to keep up with everything. Because of that, I felt that there were some plot lines that didn't get the resolution I was looking for. I know there will be another book in the series, so I'm hoping some of those unresolved issues get readdressed then.

This is the second book in the Blue Angel Series, and not only am I looking forward to book three, but I have GOT to go back and get book one so I can see how this all began!
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