Triton Rising

Sonnet O'Dell
Triton Rising
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Eternal Press (a division of Damnation Books LLC)
Release Date
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

Love can be like the ocean. Deep…and deadly.

Illiana is a half mermaid and has kept that fact hidden from all but a trusted few in her life. She is content to live her life, work her job and to stay far away from the sea she is so drawn to.

Then by accident she meets Karsh a full merman and they are drawn to each other and fall into a strangely instant and intense relationship as a mated pair. But knowing Karsh brings her into danger.

There is a man named Kelby who enjoys killed halfies like her and the minute he meets Illiana he knows what she is, setting to hunting her immediately. Can Karsh protect her or will she suffer the fate of dying at the purists hands?

Book Review by Linda Dao
Oct 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sonnet O'Dell creates a contemporary yet magical world where mermaids are given the star roles. Strap in for an exciting ride full of twists and turns. Readers should be drawn to the raw emotions from the romance found in and out of the water.

The ocean is calling out to Illiana, a secret only her best friend knows. She has managed to resist it. For now.

Illiana is a bartender at the Stallions club, where she meets Karsh, a new performer. Her interest in him and the feelings that overwhelm her make her feel vulnerable. Karsh manages to accidentally expose her secret to a very dangerous enemy.

This action-packed book was a quick and enjoyable read. It may have dragged a bit in the beginning but quickly picks up speed by the second half of the book. I loved the paranormal aspects and the enchanting world of the mermaids. Anna and Karsh's relationship is passionate although a bit too early in a relationship. Ms O'Dell's writing is the only point of major improvements to be made. I felt that her boring "I" this "I" that rants dragged the story down a notch. I did enjoy reading about Anna's journey to accept herself for who she is and letting others to understand her too.

TRITON RISING is a fun read for any mermaid fans. I hope to read more from Ms O'Dell as she improves on her writing skills.
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