Velvet Memories

Violet Summers
Velvet Memories
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
September 2011
Book 4 of Club Velvet Ice
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Their senior year Rob broke Michael's heart when a moment of passion led to months of panic and denial that ended their friendship. Ten years later, Rob has come to accept what he couldn't back then: he's gay, he's a sexual Dominant, and he wants Michael now more than ever.

When Rob walks into a wax-play workshop at Velvet Ice, the club where Michael works as a submissive, it brings back memories of pain and rejection, but it also brings back memories of a passion Michael has never found the equal of.

Can a Dom with an agenda and a sub with a healthy fear for his heart move beyond their past and find the courage to face the future…together? This title contains unrequited love, emotional baggage, molten hot wax, molten hot boy-sex, Bondage, Domination, submission, and awesome techno club-mixes.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Oct 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In this short story about second chances, we get to meet Rob and Michael, two men with a shared past and too many unresolved issues between them. The story starts and stays in the BDSM world of pain and pleasure, where submission has to be given as well as earned and dominance requires a bit of planning to be willingly allowed.

When the two meet again after ten years of living on memories, the reunion is almost electrifying. However, the past is not automatically erased and some submissives are more stubborn than others.

Being a fan of a certain subject is always a plus in reviewing books, but it's not something that will mask all the shortcomings. I thought the book was too short for the blast-from-the-past moment which did somewhat explain the rift between the main characters but was way too long. I enjoyed the scenes but couldn't help but notice how they were focused on just one aspect of pain/pleasure, almost like the same scene repeating itself over and over again. For me that made Rob pretty much unimaginative, and the way Michael constantly defied him without any consequences made Rob a weak dominant. That part was unfortunate, because the burning force between Michael and Rob was something I could have spent days reading about.

The hot moments and the sexual tension will make people appreciate this story and spending a night in bed with a steamy book in your hands can't hurt.
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