A Pastry Princess

Jan Irving
A Pastry Princess
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Loose Id
Release Date
September 2011
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Serafina Blair was the joke of the court -- the pastry princess -- a chubby mouse with an unfashionable interest in shopkeeping.

But despite that, she triumphs, opening a second franchise to her successful pastry store. Queen Helena ‘rewards' her by giving her two virile warriors as her servants: Ismet, with long gilt hair and golden eyes, and dark and moody Tahir, a desert chieftain. This mating-of-convenience is to ensure Seri's line continues -- as if she cares about that!

Soon innocent Seri wonders if it is she who will ultimately belong to her two men, masters in the art of pleasures. Watching them together in love-play, more and more she wants to touch them, to be with them. And just when they've begun to conquer the challenges of Seri's innocence, the three must test their unlikely alliance against a common enemy, returning to a primitive world where Seri's courage -- and Ismet and Tahir's love for their lady -- will be tested.

Book Review by Midia
Dec 07, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What I found most interesting in the story was the relationship between the two male characters. And yet it was not enough to hold my attention.

Serafina is a successful owner of a pastry. Because of an incident in the past, she does not want to know about men and and is fully dedicated to her business. When her business is threatened and used to force her into a relationship that she does not want, her cousin, the Queen, proposes an alternative solution: she gives Sera two slaves and a period of one year to get pregnant or else she loses her business. Without other alternative, Sera accepted and took home Tahir and Ismet.

A PASTRY PRINCESS was an enjoyable read but for some reason didn't excited me much. The characters are well developed, the story has a good flow and the writing is easy to follow, and yet the story did not hold my attention.

Serafina is a successful businesswoman. She is independent and strong but at the same time she has a vulnerability caused by the loss of parents and by an incident in her past. She is very inexperienced sexually, and it's up to Ismet and Tahir the task of seducing her. Ismet is a sex slave. He and Tahir were already lovers when they were captured and became slaves. During the relationship between the three, he became the intermediary between Tahir and Sera and try to help Sera to understand Tahir. Tahir is the typical alpha male. He is without a doubt the dominant partner, especially in bed. He is extremely protective of those he loves and he is not shy to use or manipulate a situation to get what he wants.

The relationship between them happen quickly because Serafina has a deadline to get pregnant. But it's not just sex. They begin to know each other better and build a life together.

The story provides a pleasant but not exciting reading. I cannot explain or point out what I disliked in the book, but I have this feeling. The story simply does not work for me but may be different for others.
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