In Her Bed

Jan Springer
In Her Bed
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Siren Bookstrand
Release Date
September 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

[Menage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, BDSM, sex toys] A fiery eruption of solar flares disintegrates much of the world's population, fries electrical grids, and throws Earth back into the dark ages. Now, it's a cold, brutal land where only the strong survive. Before the Catastrophe, Dr. Elizabeth Brandywine would never have dreamed of actually surrendering to her wicked needs of being bound, dominated, and shared, but now there's no one left alive to judge her, except herself. Ethan Durango knows sweet, uptight, sexy Dr. Liz is ready to submit to her secret sexual needs. He's always wanted to share her. To have her tied up while he and his friends take her. Ethan, Landon, and Tyrell will enjoy seducing Liz past her boundaries until she submits to her naughtiest desires.

Book Review by Rebecca
Nov 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In a world where everything you've known is gone and security is a thing of the past, Jan Springer captures a love affair as fiery as the solar flares that disintegrates earth's population.

Dr. Elizabeth Brandywine finds herself living in a new cold, brutal landscape after an explosion destroys modern-day society. Now she lives where only the strong survive. Luckily her profession as a doctor keeps her alive and safe. Alone after her boyfriend Ethan leaves, she now wishes for his return… until he does return, with friends, and despite her previous beliefs, Liz finds herself surrendering to her need of being bound, dominated, and shared. Ethan is so pleased she finally gives in to her hidden desires because he shares them as well. To share her, have her tied up for he and his friends would fulfill his deepest fantasies.

Ethan, Landon, and Tyrell seduce Liz until she submits to them. But the depth is in seeing the everyday relationship evolve. The secondary characters, who already live this lifestyle, help convince Liz she is capable of accepting all three men. And by placing the story in this futuristic/ alternate world, Ms Springer allows for this ménage relationship to be accepted without judgment. So deep into this well-developed world, readers fall into the relationship and accept the truth of it right along with Liz.

Readers will enjoy this vivid world with its fascinating characters.
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