Dance with the Devil

Gabrielle Evans
Dance with the Devil
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Book 2 of Gods of Chaos
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

When his fast and loose lifestyle finally catches up with him, Archer finds himself in hot water with the Gods of Chaos. Cursed by an irresistible charm that leaves men panting and pawing at him sounded like a dream come true, but Archer soon finds himself trapped in a nightmare.

Levi Dawson lived a lonely but content life in his little hometown. When Archer Neilson walked into his bar for a drink, Levi knew he had to have him. Rescuing the smaller man from the town troublemakers wasn't how he'd have planned their first meeting, nor did he imagine himself inviting the man to live with him.

Doubting he can tame his lust and change his wicked ways in just thirty days, Archer has no issues falling into bed with the cowboy. Falling in love was a whole other story, though, and it was never supposed to happen.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Dec 07, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What's a bad boy to do with 30 days of lust?

DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, the second in the Gods of Chaos series, was quite the change from the first book. This one didn't have the humor and seemed sad and made the chance for redemption that much more important. Pathos is a God of Chaos and he is going to teach Archer about lust and the trouble it brings.

Archer needs to learn a little humility. All his life he has used his body and good looks to get what he wanted. Never really caring about anyone else, he uses and discards people left and right. When he pushes his wants a little too far and tries to force someone, Pathos steps in to facilitate his punishment. If three months locked in a room reliving every bad thing he had ever done in his life didn't break him, having every man he comes in contact with lust after him might.

Levi doesn't know what to think when Archer walks into his bar and every man there starts to hit on him. He thought he was the only gay man in Beggs, OK. Then when he has to rescue Archer from three men in the parking lot who can't seem to take no for an answer, he is pretty sure everyone has lost their minds. He understands why he is hard for the man, but what is up with everyone else?

Even after Levi learns about Archer's curse, he doesn't turn away from the man, but after being hurt by everyone else in his life Archer isn't sure he can trust Levi.

I wasn't sure I could like Archer's character after what he did in the first book, but once again I should never doubt Ms. Evans and her ability to show me a way to get past their mistakes and give them a second chance. She does an excellent job of creating storylines that give even the baddest of bad boys a chance for redemption.

When we first meet Levi, he comes across as this big tough guy that always does the right thing, which I thought was going to be boring. I was wrong. He has his flaws; he is a bit possessive and has a bit of a jealous streak and when he grabs Archer in front of his bull riding buddy and lays that hot kiss on him, he had me.

The Gods of Chaos, or at least the few we have met, are seriously twisted. But in that fun I-can't-wait-to-see-what-you-do-next kind of way. They may reign over chaos but they also seem to have a bit of a romantic streak…who knew?
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