Devil's Due

Anitra Lynn McLeod
Devil's Due
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

How far would you go to save the person you love?

Rarely does the Devil admit a soul-carrying human entrance to hell, but Abigail's innocence compels him. In her determination to retrieve her husband's soul, she will do anything he desires, even barter with her luscious body.

After giving him the most mind-blowing sex ever, her innocent act falls away, and the Devil is stunned to realize she's trapped them both. As they engage in increasingly erotic sex play, each trying to win their deal, the Devil is shocked to realize he has feelings for Abigail.

As much as the Devil wants to give Abigail the soul she seeks, he can't. Worse, she can't go without her husband's soul. But once the Devil's boss, Satan, gets wind of their burgeoning love and unbreakable deal, he is determined to banish Abigail from hell and punish his wayward Devil.

Book Review by SColt (author,reviewer)
Nov 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DEVIL'S DUE brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "deal with the devil". This sexy tale is full of naughty role-playing, deception, and true love.

Our heroine Abigail has made a deal with the devil in a wayward attempt to save her husband's soul. She'd agreed to spend one night in hell doing whatever he wishes as long as she gets her husband's soul when all is said and done. The problem is, time moves differently in hell. Night is unending. Unable to resist the innocence Abigail and her pure soul offer, her devil, who calls himself Richard wastes no time sampling her tempting body. It's only after a mind-blowing orgasm that Richard realizes he's been tricked. Abigail knows all about the ever present night in hell, and she has strategically planned to get what she's after.

I enjoyed the twists and turns of DEVIL'S DUE. The setting was unique and the role-playing was superb. I recommend this to anyone in the mood for a quick read with some heat and depth.
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