Defy The World Tomatoes

Phoebe Conn
Defy The World Tomatoes
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
November 2010
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

She knew he was trouble, but she's no coward.

Darcy MacLeod's Army brat childhood drives her to sink roots as deep as the plants with which she works. As part owner of a nursery/gift shop in Monarch Bay, she's well on her way to her dream. Though she's haunted by the lingering fear that her one chance for true love has come and gone.

When Griffin Moore asks her to landscape his sumptuous new estate, she's entranced by the internationally renowned pianist's air of mystery. Yet as she is inexorably drawn into his bed, her instincts tell her that secrets lurk behind his sophisticated mask.

With her carelessly styled hair, grubby overalls, and hands that see more dirt than an earthworm, Griffin finds Darcy a refreshing ray of light in his shadowy world. His globe-trotting concert schedule makes him the perfect Interpol informant-and makes a permanent relationship too dangerous to risk.

Their passion rivals the music of the great classical masters, but even as Darcy dips a toe into Griffin's extravagant world, darkness reaches out to strike a dangerous chord. And Darcy must fight to keep her second chance at love-and her lover-alive.

Warning: Contains meddling friends, high adventure, down and dirty sex, and a couple who make beautiful music together-in bed and out.

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 11, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A little bit of everything we love with characters you'll love.

Phoebe Conn apparently loves a challenge. What else can you make of an author who dares to weave so many plots together into such a vibrant tapestry? Open a can of Defy The World Tomatoes (yes, there used to be canned tomatoes named Defy The World) and you will find a spy thriller, two love stories, an ex-husband threatening to take custody of his daughter back, natural disasters, unnatural disasters, and thankfully no sexual disasters. It was enough to keep my head spinning, my heart pounding and… ahem.. my libido roaring.

The story centers around landscape architect, Darcy MacLeod and her new client, Griffin Moore, an internationally renowned pianist. Darcy's had to walk away from love for her dream of owning a nursery and landscaping business before, and as fate tends to love to repeat itself, here she goes again. All she wants is to make Defy The World Tomatoes a success. But how do you do that if you travel with your lover? You can't. And her steadfast belief that their relationship will one day have to end leaves a gulf between her and Griffin.

Everything has come easy to Griffin. Everything but Darcy. She isn't what society would expect for a renowned pianist, but she is exactly what he desires. The question is how to woo such an independent woman when you are used to being the captain of the ship yourself. Add in there some deceit, being a spy for Interpol, and Griffin has some issues he is bringing to the relationship.

Griffin and Darcy confused me for most of the story. Their lack of openness left me befuddled. Honestly, it was awhile before I could untangle why they were even having feelings beyond lust for each other. They fought worse than cats and dogs. I kept wondering, "What exactly do you see in him?" But I hung in there and found out. And the end is so romantic I am determined to surprise my hubby in the same way.

Christy Joy is Darcy's best friend and partner. With a young daughter, an ex-husband who doesn't take rejection well and a hunky suitor on the prowl, Christy Joy was a delightful story in herself. Between these three characters, there was plenty of drama, action and thrill to keep the story humming right along. I might have laid the book aside when I was so confused by what Darcy and Griffin saw in each other if it were not for all the other action that pulled me along towards my answers.

Defy The World Tomatoes is overflowing with action, suspense, drama and love. It's like ordering the supreme pizza, you get a little bit of everything. Enjoy!
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