Amy's Redemption

BJ Wane
Amy's Redemption
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Pink Flamingo
Release Date
December 2010
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

On her way to a new job on a Wyoming ranch, Amy Rollins stops at a roadside bar to take a needed break. Her first glimpse of a tall, rugged cowboy in the parking lot has her masturbating in her car. On the run from the law for over two years, Amy has avoided any personal entanglements. However, she's so attracted to the handsome stranger that when she loses bet with him over a game of pool, she's obliged to give him a night of sex. This seems easy enough. However, the sassy, smart-mouthed Amy gets a rude and enlightening surprise when, as soon as the two enter his hotel room, RJ pulls her across his lap for a sound spanking. The humiliation and pain induced pleasure are more than her senses can resist, and she's shocked to find herself climaxing with a man for the first time ever. Though RJ's dominating lovemaking has her yearning for more, she flees in fear of losing her anonymity in the middle of the night. Thankful to escape the man before she does something stupid, she arrives two days later at Kincaid ranch to start a new job only to learn that her new boss is the very same RJ-Rand Kincaid. It's not long before she's over RJ's lap again. When strange accidents start happening at the ranch, Amy's alarmed. As the careful deception about her past threatens to unravel and expose her damming secret, it's time to flee again.

Another smart, sassy, sizzling Spanking Tale from BJ Wane, featuring plenty of hard hot spanking, paddles, straps, bondage, exhibitionism, dildos, public sex, threesomes, oral, anal and straight sex.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Dec 02, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Talk about a story that is deliciously naughty in so many ways.

The author did such a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life and making this an extremely erotic hot read. Believe me, I will not forget this book anytime soon and may even read it again in the future. I will keep my eye out for more books by BJ Wane in the future.

Right from the start I fell in love with RJ. He is everything that a woman would want in a man. He's sexy, a great lover, sensual and would give anything in order to have his woman happy. Then you have Amy, she is running from a past that will soon catch up to her when she least expects it. I love that she knows how to push RJ to get what she wants but she is a loving, caring woman who wants the best for everyone. She even becomes good friends with RJ's dogs and even with a cow that she names "Bessie."

Sure, RJ is a dominant alpha male that what he says is law especially after telling Amy to stop saying the word "fuck." Since she would not listen she would find herself over his knees so quickly that before she knew it she was getting smacked. Amy had many opportunities to tell RJ the truth of her past and how she lived out in the streets since the age of sixteen and the things she did for money, but she took too long to tell him the truth. Now Amy finds herself in danger of losing everything, but worst of all, RJ can't wait to find her in time and put her over his knee once again for a good spanking.

There is just something about reading a grown woman being spanked that I find myself intrigued. How a man can make that kind of gesture so erotic that you find yourself lost in the act. Wondering if what is written is actually how you would feel--hot, in a state of bliss and ready to explode with sexual desire. Then just knowing that RJ can bring Amy to orgasm with just a couple of smackings on her thighs, ass and even in between her legs is just breathtaking. Where can I find a man like that?

The story has an easy flow to it and pulls you in with the knowledge that RJ is falling for Amy. Seeing the bond between the two characters becoming stronger was beautiful. There were some small editing errors but something that I was able to overlook. I was able to get to know the characters' personalities and that made it more interesting to see what made them tick. Though I felt that the story could have been just a tad bit longer, as I wanted to see where their relationship went after the ordeal. They still had a happily ever after but I wanted to see what else was in store for them.

If you can handle getting caught in the sexual bliss that Amy and RJ found themselves in, then this story is for you. I'm going to forewarn you if you are not into public sex, group sex or voyeurism, then I'm sorry but this is not for you. But if it sounds interesting and you are intrigued as I was, then pick up a copy of this book today, you will not regret it.
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