The Danger of Desire

Elizabeth Essex
The Danger of Desire
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December 2011
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

An Unlikely Partnership and an Uncontrollable Desire…

Naval Captain Hugh McAlden is accustomed to taking on deadly, high-stakes assignments—and being rewarded handsomely for his success at them. But to accomplish his latest mission, he'll need someone more inconspicuous among his own ranks. Someone like the larcenous beauty who just relieved him of his pocket watch under his very nose…

Meggs Tanner's livelihood—as one of London's stealthiest thieves—depends on her remaining un-tethered and unnoticed. But when she is caught by an icy-eyed Scottish officer with an unusual proposition, she sees a chance to escape her life of crime forever. Ever wary, she accepts the job even as she plots her exit strategy, ready to cut and run at a moment's notice.

But as Meggs and Hugh come nearer to the danger of their shared mission, thoughts of betrayal and distrust begin to dissolve…overshadowed by a passion worth any risk…

Book Review by Lisa Jo
Nov 12, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE DANGER OF DESIRE by Elizabeth Essex is an entertaining, stunning and sexy novel. Witty characters, plenty of intrigue and stunning passion make this a fabulous read!

Meggs has spent most of her life stealing from the wealthy on the harsh streets of London in order to support herself and her brother Timmy. She hopes to one day save enough money to start a quiet life for them in the country. One night, Captain Hugh McAlden spots Meggs in the middle of a job and decides this talented young lady would be the perfect person to help him in his next assignment. Hugh has been assigned to find traitors against England and this slippery little thief is just the ticket he needs to succeed. Convincing her to help him is one problem, but trying not to fall in love with her may be a bigger issue.

This book really had two great lead characters. Meggs was bold, brassy and always on her guard. She was doing what she had to do in order to survive, by her terms, and not giving in to anyone. She had a tough exterior, but was a troubled young woman on the inside. This made the dynamic between her and Hugh that much more interesting because he wanted nothing more than to save her and she could do nothing less than push him away. Hugh was the intelligent, compassionate captain who worked hard to get what he wanted out of life. Which was interesting, because Meggs threw him completely off balance. Both characters are novices when it comes to relationships or love, so reading about their adventure as they stumble along this path of uncertainty was refreshing.

Ms Essex establishes great secondary characters that really complete the story and add plenty of flare. While I enjoyed the main focus of the story concerning Meggs and Hugh, it was still a treat to get to know Meggs' brother and Hugh's acquaintances. Not only are the characters fantastic, but the story has a compelling plot as well. THE DANGER OF DESIRE delivers an intriguing and entertaining story that is sure to please. When it's not following the drama, you will find a very heartfelt romance. Elizabeth Essex writes smoldering love scenes that are passionate and emotional. It's just another element that makes this novel stand out among the rest.

Here's the one hiccup I found in the novel...and that's the first love scene. To put it bluntly, I almost quit reading the novel altogether I was so upset. Why? Well, I can't go into too much detail without giving the book away, but I felt Ms Essex completely lost sight of her hero for a brief chapter. In the blink of literally a few paragraphs she took him from gentleman to beast. It was completely out of character and overwhelmingly disappointing. So disappointing even I didn't know if I could forgive our previously stunning hero. Yet I had become so invested in their story, I simply refused to give up on it that easily. While I was immensely glad I continued, there was still that lingering taint that I eventually pretended I did not read that chapter altogether.

I was glad I continued on to finish the book, and overall, I did enjoy it very much. It was a well-written historical romance with great dialogue that easily captured the large social gaps between these two characters. It was intensely sexy and passionate for the most part, and really overall enjoyable. Had it not been for the one disappointing moment, this easily would have been a five star novel for me. Very easily.

THE DANGER OF DESIRE is a great romance with plenty of delightful moments. Despite my slight issue with the novel, which was honestly a personal objection, I would still highly recommend this novel. THE DANGER OF DESIRE is an intriguing and glorious novel with dazzling characters that solidifies Elizabeth Essex as a great talent.
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