Wet Ocean Music

Amber Kallyn
Wet Ocean Music
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Changeling Press
Release Date
August 2011
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Renowned African-American violinist Lilly is swept to sea during a freakish storm, only to be rescued by two playful seals. She wakes on an island with two handsome men she's drawn to in ways she's never felt before.

Slowly, she comes to realize the island holds many secrets, including the fact her two lovers are, by night, creatures of the sea. And though the island seems a refuge, an old evil lurks in the shadows, waiting to snatch the trio's happiness away.

Lilly, Chris and Brian must protect each other and overcome the evil not just to survive, but to claim the love they've found together.

Book Review by SColt (author,reviewer)
Nov 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WET OCEAN MUSIC is a magical tale of past love, myth, and new beginnings.

Lily is a world famous musician in sore need of a break. So she books a boat tour with her mother on the Emerald Isle. The ladies find more adventure than they bargained for when a storm hits, and Lily is pitched overboard. Moments before the icy sea claims her consciousness, Lily is rescued by two seals she's seen frolicking from the boat. Unknown to her, these seals aren't the average variety. Brian and Chris are selkies cursed to change form and remain on an island hidden away from humans.

After the rescue, Brian and Chris are shaken by her likeness to their lost love Sara. But as time passes, they realize Lily has much more in common with Sara than her appearance. The threesome are powerless against the chemistry between them, and they come together in sensuous scenes that'll get your blood pumping. Yet it's the love that blossoms between them in a strange mix of old and new that really pulls you in. When Lily has the opportunity to be rescued, will she stay with her selkie lovers or return to her life of music?

Ms Kallyn kept me on edge from the start to finish. With all the twists, turns, and secrets you have no idea how they're going to reach their Happily Ever After. But you know they deserve it! If you're in the mood for a quick read with passion, and magic. This is the one for you.
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