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BJ Wane
Make Me Yours
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Pink Flamingo
Release Date
July 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Part I - Jack and his best friend Marc own a lodge in Colorado that caters to those in alternative lifestyles and this is where Morgan flees after she finds her fiance in bed with another woman. Constantly reminded by her mother that she has no other prospects because she wasn't petite and blonde, Morgan runs to the one person she has always relied on: Jack.

When she shows up at the lodge soaking wet and freezing, she walks into a private party with scantily clad women and men spanking and having sex throughout the room. Morgan spots Jack flogging a woman, and finds herself extraordinarily turned on by it.

Jack is hesitant to introduce Morgan to his BDSM lifestyle, fearing irreversible damage to their twenty year relationship.

Part II - Cassie is the one girl that Marc could have seen himself with permanently. When he suggested that she scene with both Marc and his best friend, Jack, Cassie fled the BDSM club. Hurt and confused, Cassie didn't realize that Marc was just trying to please her in every way possible. After seven years, she stuns Marc by reappearing suddenly.

When Cassie gets to Marc's lodge in Colorado, Marc is helping Jack and one other man give Morgan her "birthday present" with a threesome. Though Cassie is upset to see Marc with another woman, she finds herself engrossed in the action.

Marc was reluctant to get involved with Cassie again, fearing risking his heart again, but after learning of a threat that had followed Cassie, he decided nothing was going to keep him from seeing to her safety.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Dec 16, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Hands, paddles, cuffs, a flogger, a swing and how can I forget the outdoors oh my!

Part One: Jack and Morgan Story

Morgan has always loved Jack but never told him how she felt. The one time that Jack kissed her, which by the way is not a friendly kiss, he rejected her. That rejecting led her to lose her virginity to the next available guy. When Morgan seeks Jack out, she vows to make him hers. She is so happy when they finally have sex but at what cost and will he try to change her mind, just say that it was not supposed to happen? Well, she will not hear any of it because she did not regret anything.

I adored Jack. He was so kind and thought of ways to comfort her due to the lack of love that her parents gave her. He always tried to make her laugh and feel loved but as time passed and she grew up, those feelings flourished into lust. When he went to her college graduation, he knew that he was in trouble. Then when she showed up at his lodge he was taken back by how open she was to his dominant ways. If only she could trust him enough to keep her safe and find a way to make their relationship work.

I found Jack and Morgan's story a little bit more believable than the next one. They were long time friends before they became lovers. Jack knew Morgan and knew if he took things too far, she would let him know, if not by her facial expressions then maybe by her body language. I enjoyed that Jack, with a little bit of help from his friend, was able to take that huge leap and just hope she would not bolt. I enjoyed their sexual interactions and how beautifully Morgan submitted to Jack but there were times that she was a little spitfire.

Part Two - Marc and Cassie

I knew from reading a little bit of Marc's character in part one of the story that he was a very strong man. Yes, he was fearful for Jack when he was trying to form a sexual relationship with Morgan because he did not want for what happened to him to happen to Jack. So when Cassie showed up at the lodge looking for him, all of his emotions hit him at once. Only he was not able to keep her at arms' length but then again, he wanted her in his bed and in his life. Only, he could not trust her because she might leave and he couldn't go through that again.

Cassie knew that she had lots of work in front of her in order to regain Marc's trust but she was not going to give up. After Cassie shows up at the lodge, she and Marc start where they left off. After she gets a threatening letter, Marc demands she join him at the lodge but before she agrees, she has her own demands. After a while with Marc, she realizes that maybe it was not a good idea to demand to be in his bed because there is always, what if when the stalker is captured it is over between them?
I was disappointment on how it ended for Marc and Cassie. Yes, they got their happily ever after but I wanted to read more about Cassie's life. I wanted to know about her marriage, how she ended up in a BDSM club and getting trained by a Dom so she would be ready to take on Marc. Their love story was sweet and I found myself cheering Marc on because he needed to trust her in order to have their relationship go further.

This author managed to create two couples that brought me into their world of BDSM lifestyle. The chemistry between these characters is sizzling with just the right amount of pain and passion. I was amazed with the fluidity of the storyline that flowed so sensually. The overlapping of the short stories was written beautifully. There was a few editing errors but it was still a great two-part book. This book was definitely never boring; it has plenty of sexual heat. Just reading how hot both Jack and Marc had the women's butts had me squirming on my seat.

Once again, BJ Wane, nicely done! I will keep an eye out for more of your books. One warning for the readers: Make sure that you have something nice and cold to drink because you will be needing it. Pick up your copy today and enjoy.
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