Summer's Indiscretion

Heather Rainier
Summer's Indiscretion
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Book 7 of Divine Creek Ranch
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Summer Heston is ready to give up on men and has sworn off blind dates permanently. A chance text message and phone conversation with two mysterious friends of Grace's changes her mind. A dangerous situation literally thrusts her into their powerful arms as the attacks on her ladies' adults-only boutique escalate and the tone of the Divine Morality blog grows more blatantly hateful.

Ace and Kemp work diligently to protect the women of Discretion while simultaneously striving to win Summer's heart. A minor mistake on Kemp's part has big repercussions for their budding romance as their ability to withstand their growing attraction for Summer crumbles. When their passion finally flares out of control, their intimate tryst becomes much more than a minor indiscretion.

When an old flame knocks at the door, Summer must face her doubts and make a decision. Can she trust her instincts?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Nov 20, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After so many blogs, dirty stares and threatening actions on the women of Divine, the true conspirator is finally captured and her own secrets are out on the playing field. Read how it all unfolds with the help of Ace and Kemp because all they care for is to keep Summer safe.

Welcome back to Divine Creek Ranch. Grace's men were the first to find the adult store in a neighboring town but when Grace and Teresa went to the shop, it was Grace that talked about a partnership. Summer and her sister opened up their shop close to Divine in a beautiful Victorian house and for the women of Divine. Only Summer never gave it a thought that she would be featured in the blog Divine Morality.

The three main characters, Summer, Ace and Kemp all have their own story. Summer is a strong, determined woman but is losing faith in finding a man that truly values her curves and all. Now Ace and Kemp find Summer's voluptuous body tempting and they both set their eyes on her. Ace was in a prior relationship and it did not end well. Kathleen left without a reason and that made him harden his heart. Only with Summer. She was able to soften it and love again like never before.

Kemp had a rough life that had him growing up too soon. He should have been playing with other kids, enjoying childhood, instead he was learning self-defense. Due to him not being able to show emotion when he was a child, it was rare for him to smile. Then Summer entered his life and he found himself smiling, laughing and just out right happy and in love.

When Kemp makes an attempt to grovel at Summer's feet for his behavior, he picks up wildflowers and makes a bouquet of flowers for her. Summer was surprised with the gesture because she has had never received flowers before. There was only one problem, there was some poison oak intertwined in the bouquet. This put a little damper on their sexual hunger for each other. So when Summer recuperated from her rash all over her body--and yes, when I said all over her body, I meant it literally--the sexual passion exploded between them. The teasing, the nibbling, the caressing was worth the wait. Summer finally experienced a true ménage and felt truly loved.

When danger lurks in the direction of Summer, Ace automatically wants her safe and protected in his home. Kemp and Ace do everything possible to keep an eye on the shop but when they least expect it, the women in Divine are in danger. Let's just say that there is one certain woman that saves the day and for those that have been keeping up with the series, it should not surprise you at all. This woman is known for her bravery and her husbands are going to have fun determining her punishment.

It has been a pleasure reading the Divine Creek Ranch Series. Ms. Rainier has done a splendid job writing these books and each one has gotten better and better. Yes, most of her books deals with a ménage relationship but their stories are easy to relate to. I have reviewed a couple of her books and it is my pleasure to review another one. I loved seeing all the characters from the previous books return and see how they are doing in their marriages and how their families are growing. Then you have other new characters and old characters with maybe a story in store for them.

This story kept me enthralled the entire time. Summer, Ace and Kemp get their happily ever after but I can't want to read the next book. If I read correctly on whom it will be, I can't wait to see Ace react to Lydia's soon to be relationship. Pick up this story today you will not regret it. If you have not picked up this series, I highly recommend you do so, so you can see how the other characters came to be.
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Book Review by Sam Crescent (author,reviewer)
Jan 03, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I recently discovered SUMMER'S INDISCRETION is part of a series, but you don't need to read the series to enjoy this book.

Summer Heston is described as being a big girl, a woman with curves in all the right places, who's had one too many bad experiences dating men. Ace and Kemp are two men who are the complete opposites in looks and mood but want Summer with a passion that will burn up the pages.

Summer, Ace and Kemp are wonderful characters and the chemistry among all three is nothing short of amazing. There is no confusion between the three and I love how the romance and sex are brought together to make this a very hot and wonderful erotic romance. The sex is constant but done in a way that it only enhances the plot and the believability of the love between these three.

I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this book and would highly recommend reading this to anyone. Certainly a keeper.
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