Maria-Claire Payne


Pink Petal Books
Release Date
July 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Cara Bredelow's day today starts out much like most other days: with her husband Travis handcuffing her and making love to her before he leaves for work. Today, however, Cara finds some odd errors in the data she inputs for analysis as part of her low-level clearance job with STAR Operations: Superpower Targeted Aeronautic Reconnaissance Operations. The organization's members -- including one Dr. Travis Bredelow -- refer to themselves as STAR Ops. Officially, the organization exists as a NASA research team -- but Cara knows that STAR Ops exists covertly as some sort of homeland security.

Cara sees their current research weighs more heavily than usual on Travis and his best friend and fellow research scientist, Dr. Sebastian Johannsen – and she suspects the errors she discovered in the software that morning have something to do with their unease.

To protect Cara, Travis keeps her in the dark: the data errors indicate a spy among the STAR Ops team – and the fact that the traitor is setting up Cara's husband to take the fall. Travis and Sebastian initiate a risky plan to not only expose the traitor in their midst but to also shut down international sales of national security secrets to the highest bidders.

When Cara becomes a pawn in this dangerous game, will Travis choose his love for his woman or his love for the country he swore to protect – or can he save them both?


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