A Touch in Time

McKenna Chase
A Touch in Time
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Release Date
May 2011
Erotic Romance, Western Romance

A Touch in Time is a sexy, sassy, erotic romance novella.

While at the rodeo with her best friend, Brianna Donovan loses her balance and stumbles backward. Momentum carries her over the railing and into the well-lit arena floor below. But when she comes to, Brianna isn't at the rodeo. She's in the arms of a sexier than sin ex-Texas Ranger, Jake Dawson, and the year is 1868.

Jake learned the hard way that beauty can be a deadly distraction. Trusting a woman's honeyed lies had nearly cost him his life a year earlier. So he ties Brianna to his bed, determined to seduce her into telling him the truth about who sent her there. Only the more he touches her, the more he wants to keep her there as his prisoner of passion forever.

Brianna finds herself falling for her handsome captor with his heated kisses and seductive caresses. He is everything she could ever want in a lover. Bold. Rugged. Masterful. Temptation at its finest.

By the time Jake accepts the truth - that Brianna is from the future - it's too late. He's fallen for her. He's also aware that fate brought her to him and fate could take her away just as suddenly. Will they have a chance to follow the passion in their hearts? Or will all they have be nothing more than a touch in time?
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