The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans

G.G. Royale
The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans
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Loose Id
Release Date
February 2010
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Margot Granville has spent five years trying to find a master in the BDSM underground of New Orleans. No man has been able to fulfill her needs. After another failed happening, she has a dream: kittengirls. She decides to throw a burlesque show with a complete cat theme, partly to get her mind off things and partly to see if there's anyone left out there who could give her what she wants.

Maxwell Billew has what seems to be the last available hall in New Orleans, and Margot is practically begging him to let her rent it. But what's it for? Maxwell learns of Margot's plans and proclivities, and the brown-haired beauty intrigues him. Could she be the one who can accept him for the Dom he is, or will his penchant for punishment scare her off?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Nov 05, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Will he be man enough to stroke her…kitty?

Margot is tired of the BDSM scene. She's tired of Doms only going part-way. She wants a Dom that will go all the way, give all of himself, and devote himself to her and his pleasure. She's tired of being alone, but she doesn't ever think that she will be able to find the Dom to be all those things…until she meets Max.

Maxwell is handsome, rich, and dominant. He's not been to the BDSM scene in town because of a previous bad experience that left him unsure and afraid of hurting subs. But he meets Margot, and she's wonderfully submissive. Just the kind of girl he wants. When they make their desires known and fully let go, it's purrrrrfect.

This story is mainly about BDSM, I would call it light to moderate. There's nothing too heavy in here. The kitten play is quite tame. Max and Margot have chemistry right from the start although it takes a while for them to get it right where they need to be to make their play explosive. There is great dialogue between the main characters as well as the secondary ones, and it was very realistic. The setting of New Orleans seems like the perfect backdrop for the quirky characters. It's set in a time post-Katrina, and I liked how they talked about rebuilding the area. It just added a bit more realism to the plot.

The relationship between Margot and Maxwell evolved quickly, but instead of feeling rushed, it just came across as right. I am usually put off by that in a story, but it was done in such a way that you just believe that the relationship is just as it should be. My only wish was that there was a bit of an epilogue at the end, so that we could get a glimpse of the couple in the future and have an idea of how they are doing.

Otherwise, it was fun, erotic and well-paced. I hope we get a look inside some of the other characters' lives as well. The sequel is My Two Doms, and I am hoping that is one of many follow-up stories about the kittengirls.
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