Tag and Release

Kaliana Cole
Tag and Release
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Siren publishing
Release Date
November 2011
Book 3 of Liberty Springs, Wyoming
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Brody and Luke Marshall are used to getting everything their own
way when it comes to women, playing a carnal game of tag and
release as they rock from conquest to conquest, but a new
neighbor sits their perfect world on its head. Casey Buckley, tall,
strong, and flame-haired, is everything they've never had in a
woman—brazen, bold, and nobody's doormat.
Casey thinks she can indulge in a little carnal gratification and
walk away, but her heart is in danger of being snared by their
seductive charms.
Luke knows she is something special, the one to end all others,
but his domineering brother has been burned too badly to trust
anything with two X chromosomes. Before Brody can accept
they've caught the one too special to release, tempers flare and
passions boil as they scorch the sheets in an effort to win Casey
over before time runs out.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jan 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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All I can say about TAG AND RELEASE after reading it is holy crap; oh my god, was it a scorching hot read. Get ready to laugh your butt off, cheer them on when things are going good, and ready to snap a neck or two, but most of all make sure you have a comfy spot, something cold to drink and maybe a small portable fan close by to keep you cool.

I really liked Casey she was nothing like other characters that I have read about before. You expect to read about a petite woman, curvy in all the right places and afraid of something in the past and the cowboys come to the rescue. It is the total opposite and I believe that is what attracted me even more to this book. Casey was a tall redhead with a killer body that showed she loved to workout. Then to find out that Casey drives heavy machinery that you would usually find a man driving and able to maneuver the machinery better than some men, wow. She has never been referenced to as beautiful, let alone been carried as if she weighed nothing. Casey is an exceptional woman.

Okay now for the men of this book, Brody and Luke. I'm sorry to say that they are your typical macho men especially Brody. Luke is a sweetheart but a major kiss ass. Brody is your dominant man that loves to go head to head with Casey but something goes wrong and he falls in love. He wants to prove that they want more than a tag and release; he wants to make love to her, not just screw her. Only, Brody tries to tell her what to do, how to do it and he needs to remember that she is her own person. She is not like other women that they have had and he has a hard time understanding. Brody also needs to remember that not all women are the same, conniving wenches.

Ms. Cole really went into detail on the sex scenes in this story. You know exactly how the characters feel at every moment, every caress and even every bit. Oh I have to tell the reader this, Casey has some sharp teeth on her and Brody experiences that a little close to his precious jewel. She is ready to snap those teeth if she does not get her way. There is some light BDSM elements in this story, mainly spanking and some toy playing. The ménage scenes were well written and done beautifully. In this story, believe me, there is plenty of lovemaking. It is clearly written that they are mating like rabbits, though not in those specific words.

Casey, Brody and Luke's relationship started off very, very rocky. To say the least, Casey really shot Brody's male ego to hell, especially since it was done in a public place. Ms. Cole did a wonderful job in developing their relationship. You could tell that Luke fell in love with her at first sight and Brody did too, but it took him longer to realize that one woman is not the same as the next one. Oh does Casey put up a fight with Brody but it's their way of expressing each other's feelings.

I truly liked this story, and I'm going to say to Ms. Cole, please, Marley needs to have her happily ever after. After reading what Andy did to her in Jory and Bailey's, then what he did to her again in this book, I really want to sock it to Andy.

For those readers that enjoy a little laugh with true romance pick up a copy of this book today.
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