DH Black

Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
May 2012
Book 4 of The Retribution Collection
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, LGBTQ

Zach Brennon's life was almost perfect. Not only did he have a fabulous career as a detective in the Miami Police Department and a brand new home, he also found the love of his life in sexy charter boat captain, Marcus Parker, a gorgeous shaggy haired blond who lived life to the fullest. Together they shared everything including blazing nights of passion and Zach was prepared to enter into a more permanent situation. Returning from a business trip, tonight was the night he was going to pop the question. As he unlocked his front door, he knew something was terribly wrong. Marcus was gone.

Almost shattered by his grief, he searched for his lover hoping to beg Marcus to return so they could work out every issue. The only problem was there was no sign of Zach's lover anywhere. Every search led him to a horrible place and with each corner turned there was another damning secret. Entering into a dark world of espionage and abduction, Zach was forced to challenge everything he knew about his belief in the system. Turning his back on the naysayers and his career, he was determined to find Marcus before it was too late. As he became the man so many feared Zach knew he could lose not only his humanity but also his very soul.


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