Dangerous Master

Tawny Taylor
Dangerous Master
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Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date
November 2011
Book 3 of Masters of Desire
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

He wants her. She needs him.

Total Submission

Private Investigator Mandy Thompson knows how to dig beneath the surface and uncover secrets about other people. But the tables are turned when she enters the erotic lair of Master Zane and finds herself revealing her most intimate sexual fantasies. Within this world of dark and dangerous passion, she gives in to her desire for extreme pleasure. She is no longer in control. Her body craves the sensual ecstasy only one man can give her. All she can do is surrender to her master. . .

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Dec 16, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DANGEROUS MASTER is one hot read, with tons of mystery, loads of twists and turns and a unique take on the average BDSM romance; it drew me in from the very first word.

Mandy is a PI and she's on the tail of yet another cheating husband when she ends up at a private BDSM party of a famed Dom who only goes by the name of Zane. When Zane catches her with a camera at his party, she's mesmerized not only by his sexuality but also his dominance that she's surprised her body was responding to.

Zane has never been so taken by a woman. He has to have the feisty PI and won't be happy until she submits to him fully. He's got his secrets though, and they are big enough to make submitting to him very dangerous.

DANGEROUS MASTER is very captivating. From the first line where Mandy is tailing a subject at a BDSM party, I was hooked. It was so interesting seeing the goings on there through her perspective. Then she meets Zane and it was instant connection. They had insane chemistry. The by-play between them was erotically charged and sizzlin'. The plot was suspenseful, it was funny, and the characters were all very interesting, so the book was an extremely easy read.

However, there was one area in which I felt like DANGEROUS MASTER was lacking. It was paranormal. Zane was vampire, but I felt like that part of the story was sorely underdeveloped and kind of rushed through. I felt like Mandy, who never had any interaction with the supernatural world, too easily fell into a romance with a vampire. And Zane's explanations of his vampire status were thoroughly inept. I had been so into the story up until that point that I thought it was like getting cold water thrown on me.

Otherwise, I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect but it was definitely entertaining and sexy. Zane was very sexual and brought Mandy into that world. There was M/M interaction and sex as well as F/F interaction by Zane and Mandy respectively, and a hot M/M/F scene with the couple. So, there was definitely enough to wet...I'm mean whet your whistle.

Also, although it's the third of a series, I think DANGEROUS MASTER can be read easily as a standalone. And while I didn't think that the story was perfect, my interest has been piqued, so I'll be picking up the other books in the series at some point.
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