Second Chances

Jeff Erno
Second Chances
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Camel Press
Release Date
January 2012
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Harold Wainwright is dying. At seventy-nine, stricken with malignant cancer, the multi-billionaire insurance mogul realizes he has much to regret. In his youth he rejected his only true love and instead chose to advance his career and build his financial empire. Single-mindedly he focused upon achieving his own goals, looking out for number one, and acquiring a monetary fortune. Now he is alone, and all he has is his money…and his life is over.

Doctor Timothy Drayton has devoted his entire career to developing the technology to prolong human life. His entire focus has been upon creating a computer chip which can be implanted into the human brain, allowing human consciousness to be transferred from one human subject into the mind of another. Given optimum circumstances, he is confident that he can now preserve the consciousness of a dying patient into the mind of a donor subject with a surgically electronic implant.

Jesse Warren is eighteen years old, about to graduate from high school. He's a track star, model student, and the typical all-American kid. One day while on his way to track practice, tragedy strikes, and Jesse is in a terrible accident, rendered comatose. When his family learns the horrifying news, they believe they've lost their son forever. Jesse Warren is pronounced "brain dead".

When neurosurgeon and world-renowned brain specialist Dr. Timothy Drayton arrives, telling the Warren family that he has an advanced form of experimental treatment which can possibly save young Jesse and restore his consciousness, the Warrens are convinced that God has sent them a miracle. They are overjoyed the next morning when their son undergoes surgery and awakens as a new man. His memory loss, they are convinced, is amnesia due to his accident.

Jesse lives, and is given a second chance. Will his new life prove to be the impetus for significant change, or will the old Harold Wainwright emerge to make the same mistakes a second time around? Most of us are given but on

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
May 12, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jeff Erno is one of those authors who either knock me off my feet with their brilliance or just leave me unable to hold on to the story and simply get defeated by excessive sweetness. It's a sort of a trademark, because his characters always use sugary sentences and have a tendency for drama. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it just doesn't.

This particular story had too many difficult topics shoved into one book and the author ended up struggling with balancing the romance with the serious issues. Harold is an old and bitter man who is dying. He's had a straight road to success without caring for others, actually going so far as despising any type of weakness and compassion. He made his way on the suffering of others and by denying them the help they needed. He was even proud of that fact.

In comes a doctor who needs funding for a project and gives Harold the opportunity the man just can't refuse. He tells him he can transfer Harold's consciousness into the body of a young man who had an accident and was brain dead. Harold of course accepts and is transferred into the body of young Jesse, resuming his life and trying not to do the same mistakes again.

There is much more to the story, from love to backstabbing, but the main core of it lies in the moral dilemmas and decisions people make in their lives were they often have a choice to make, whether they prefer the money or happiness. I have to say some aspects of it made me uncomfortable when it came to the good' doctor, his decisions and plans left a bad taste in my mouth and made me question all the characters in the book. Others seemed completely illogical, not to mention rushed, especially at the end of the book and even the emotional high points couldn't pull the story out of the cluster of unthought through information.

I couldn't really come to terms with the old and bitter Harold becoming another copy of Jesse in such a short period of time. I kept expecting him to show his true face or at least some of it and once I finally accepted him as a changed man, or rather forgot he even was Harold, there was this flashback that just brought it all back and showed Harold as a cruel person even when he was Jesse's age. Not a good way to endear him to the readers.

Phillip and Jacob where the only two genuine and good characters I got to meet really well (it must be the gene pool) and I felt offended on their behalf. Both were used for others in more ways than one while there was nothing but goodness and acceptance in them. It made them really sweet but in comparison, everyone else was just deceitful and bad.

I would have liked to have met the original Jesse and he is the only one who would have fit with Phillip in my opinion. Even though that never happened, I still kept expecting Jesse to surface and for the whole experiment to fall through. Still not sure if I wouldn't have preferred it that way. Even so, Philip turned out not to be one of the brightest tools in the box by the end and I kind of resent the author for making him fall in my eyes. But now I'm touching the issue of that rushed ending and all the illogical stuff that concluded the story so I'll just stop here.

SECOND CHANCES is exactly what the title says, an opportunity. An unconventional one, impossible, but still just that and I admire the author for tackling such a difficult subject. He touched taboo topics and created characters who encountered challenges daily and were more than capable of breaking a reader's heart. I might not have loved this one as I did some of his other work but he remains an author worthy of attention and everyone should read at least one Jeff Erno book. (Just disregard the creepy cover, it really doesn't relate good to the story.)
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