Katica Locke
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Shadow fire Press LLC
Release Date
September 2011
LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

Can an incubus and a sexsomniac build a relationship based on sex and secrets?

When Roan Echarn, a young man with a terrible secret, accidentally steps off the train in Devaen, he is forced to put himself in the reluctant employ of Ishaan Darvis, a wealthy recluse whose tragic past is anything but secret.

Roan is an incubus--or rather, a victim of genetic incubism, forcing him to feed on sexual energy or die. Ishaan suffers from sexsomnia, a condition that causes him to seek out sexual encounters in his sleep, often with violent consequences. To prevent himself from hurting people, Ishaan must be locked in his room at night by a live-in employee--a dream job for a starving incubus, though Ishaan's distrust and self-loathing makes him a less than ideal housemate.

As months pass and Roan continues to feed on Ishaan in secret, dislike slowly turns to friendship, and then to love. Their lives have never been more perfect, but Roan is haunted by the truth of what he is and by the lies he's told Ishaan.

When a spring flood drives them from their home, Roan can't keep his secret any longer. Can their love survive such a breach of trust, or will an unspeakable act of spite and revenge mean the end of their happiness?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jan 09, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Although an incubus and a sexomniac might seem like a perfect match, when you add strong characters, stubbornness and buckets of self-loathing, it just might take them five hundred pages to end up together of their own conscious will.

For me this book was one of those intended to broaden my horizons and push at my limits. Not because I expected something violent to happen in it, but rather because I've never quite been able to come to grips with an incubus being worth my attention. Yes, I know that sounds rather harsh, but dependence on sexual energy or sex (varies according to the author) isn't a real power but more of an annoying inconvenience, or so I think.

That said, Roan was not a conventional incubus, not one I've previously read about anyway. He's frightened, self-hating and surprisingly vulnerable. Instead of seducing where he pleases or making his life something of a pleasurable affair, he keeps hiding and living off scraps for the bigger part of his life. When he stumbles into the small town and finds out there is a man with a convenient disease living close by, he jumps at the chance, because no matter how much he hates what he is, he's not ready to die.

There is no one among the planets who hates their life as much as Ishaan does, or so he thinks. He can't imagine a worse faith than falling asleep each night and not knowing if he would wake up the next morning with having raped someone mercilessly. Probably the worst thing of all is the fact that he doesn't remember the event once he wakes up, and without a willing keeper to lock him up in his room every night and release him come morning, he spends his nights in a jail cell keeping the town, which hates him, awake with his frustrated unconscious screams.

Roan does use Ishaan in this story. He feeds off him from the very start and for months after it, a fact Ishaan is not aware of almost to the very end of the story. Maybe it is just me, but I never really judged Roan for his acts. I saw Ishaan as two separate people, the zombie-like creature he appeared as during the nights when all he craved was sex, and the distant self-controlling man he looked like during hours he was awake. Despite not knowing what he was doing, Ishaan cared for Roan when asleep. He recognized him by name, listened to him and showed surprising affection. For that reason, I couldn't see Roan as using the unwilling, because he was helping the one person who was constantly ignored and to a point abused.

I also understood Ishaan's point of view where he actually saw everything happening to him while he was asleep as a form of abuse. He didn't remember it and he obviously felt violated. So to make this short, you could take this story in a couple of ways and that will probably be the deciding factor on how much a reader likes it.

The reason why I took away a star from this rating was the very length of the story. My copy had over 600 pages, and while the font was large and the sentences rather spread out on the page, I would say it did have at least half of that in a normal PDF format. During that much text, nothing happened but the slow development of their relationship from acquaintances to lovers, and the secrets came out at the very end. The world wasn't described much and while I was satisfied with the world explanations, which were just enough that was needed to make the story work, I also wanted to know more and see more of it explored.

Solid characters tend to make a story and it was no different in this book. Their insecurities and vulnerable personalities made me stick to it and anticipate the resolution toward their happy ending. They were funny in certain situations but more often than not, they won me over with the heavy emotional undertones and the all but screaming need for love.

So with one Locke book behind me I am more than willing to face more, incubus or sexomniacs, this author has gained my trust. Take a plunge and see if there is an adventure hiding among her words for you as well.
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