Behind Iron Lace

Mercy Celeste
Behind Iron Lace
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Hot and steamy in The Big Easy isn't the life Darcy Butler wants. Until he meets a smooth talking bad boy who makes him question his entire belief system.

Darcy Butler is a fish out of water (or in his case a Duck out of Oregon), and he is suffocating in the humid New Orleans' heat. Dissatisfied with his career, his life, he is homesick and heartbroken. But above all Darcy is straight. Or so he believes until he meets the drop-dead gorgeous photographer he wants to hire to revamp the art department of the e-magazine he co-owns with his former lover.

Caleb Mitchell, bad boy extraordinaire lives life on the edge. He's been around the world covering murder and mayhem. Back in New Orleans to tend his dying mother, Caleb is worn down by grief and his own mortality. He seeks the diversion of playing art director of a small local e-magazine to help keep him sane. He doesn't expect the instant attraction to the bright-eyed editor/owner. That Darcy is deeply closeted and possibly straight doesn't matter to Caleb. Because when Caleb wants something, there is nothing going to stand in his way.

Not even Darcy.

A jealous ex, the hot summer nights, and the secrets Caleb carefully hides behind iron lace tattoos could just be Darcy's undoing.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Dec 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oh yeah, BEHIND IRON LACE totally worked for me. I was actually thinking how I needed a real romance before I started reading it and what do you know, I got lucky and it hit all the right spots. For me this was the perfect combination of sexy, sweet, vulnerable and burning hot.

Darcy is a somewhat nerdy editor of an online magazine who'd moved to New Orleans at the persuasion of his best friend/sometimes lover Bailey. He detests the heat, can't stand the smell of the city, the accent of the people around him annoys him and he is generally unhappy. On one such a day, where he was all but suffocating under the rising temperature – while it still wasn't even summer, he gets to meet his potential new art department director.

From there, being straight turns into a foreign notion, accent is an erection inducing thing and all that heat becomes a force of a different kind. Because Caleb, and I swear I even say that name with a dreamy note in the tone since reading this book, is an artist who is a work of art himself. From the sexy biker look, with unconventional bracelets and overwhelming tattoos to the seductive smile, long hair and a way with words that would tempt even a saint, he wins people as he passes them and when he wants something he recognizes no obstacles.

I don't have to say they end up together, that is pretty much a given, but what I do want to say is that they are absolutely perfect for each other. Caleb seduced me through the pages without me even being there so reading about the passion between them, the easy way the connection between the brain and the words was cut off seemed perfectly sweet and a thing best fantasies are made of.

The accent always does it for me and this book was no exception. It was an unconventional mix forming the perfect local dialect which can't be explained in any other way but sexy. The wording and the dirty talk in the numerous sex scenes made my windows steam up and I'm sure gave me a certain glint in my eyes as my boyfriend walked by.

It is true they end up together rather quickly. Caleb is pushy, or as I saw it, he knows what he wants and plans on getting it. Darcy is reluctant and above else scared, but after the first taste, the way he just let go gave me goose bumps and truly made it a pleasure reading about their encounters. I could rant about little details that might not seem all that real to others, like sex without protection or the jump Darcy made from straight to gay-as-can-be, but honestly it didn't bother me one bit. I can't explain it any other way but to say it seemed natural. The author wrote this book with the perfect amount of realistic and romantic, something that made me grin like a lunatic, gave me back faith in romance and let me sleep as happily as a child.

I do know I've said it before, but I did look for a perfect romance and I did find it. It was hidden behind betraying present and a painful past, coming together when a nerd captured the artist's eye and the artist found his muse.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Silver Publishing.
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