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Release Date
September 2011
Book 1 of The Tate Pack
LGBTQ, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Richard Tillson was happy with his life...well...sort of. He has spent the last few years of his life making a name for himself in the dance community, has a very expensive apartment in Manhattan and he knows he's gorgeous. So why is he so miserable?
Enter Vernon "Vet" Tate. The older brother of Richard's best friend Amanda Lynn. The first time the two men meet it's when Vet is saving Richard's life from an oncoming vehicle. Moments later Vet is turning Richard's life upside down by telling him that his baby sister, who had passed weeks before, left her three newborn children to Richard, to share custody with Vet.
Things wouldn't have been so bad for Vet, a wolf shifter, if Richard wasn't also his mate, his very human, very male, mate.
So how will Richard cope with becoming a father, giving up his sophisticated New York lifestyle for a ranch out in Wichita Falls, Texas, and finding out that not only do shape shifters exist, but he's the mate of the Alpha?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Dec 17, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Like plenty of others, this first in the series shifter story, begins with the Alpha finding his mate. In this case, the mate is the complete opposite to the wolf and his New York City life nothing like the future that awaits him on a Texas ranch. Add three small kids into the mix and the dancer is just about to run as fast as his feet can carry him, unless the shifter finds a way to charm the city boy with something more than the mating connection.

UNTHINKABLE is a quick read about love conquering all and happiness lurking in the strangest of places. I can't say it didn't have plenty of messages about acceptance and tolerance as well as a huge variety of ‘different' characters you won't find in a lot of books. As for the rest of the story, it was fairly typical, with the smaller but willful mate, change of lifestyle and one obnoxious pack member who just had to stir up trouble.

I did like the original story line, where I do actually fall for such pairings and wolves raising children sounds like a pretty good combination. That was what I expected when I started reading the book, and with that in mind, I wasn't disappointed.

What didn't work for me was the mention of a lot of unnecessary characters, events and details. It seemed at times as if there was a whole other story developing behind the sidelines which I didn't understand and it was never connected to the main plot line. There were also a lot of situations where people or events were mentioned simply for the sake of some type of promotion and I got the impression as if the author wanted to reflect on too many things and not forget to give a moment to everyone in the book, so every little memory or person found their way inside. It really cut from my enjoyment as it pulled me out of the story and I kept wondering later on if certain characters would appear again or why certain information about the past was even mentioned.

I don't particularly mind them, but there were quite a few editing mistakes and at some parts it was difficult to distinguish who exactly was talking at a particular moment. Also for those who mind, at times there are big bad shifters with emotional and tearful outbursts taking center stage.

Personally, I think this was an okay little story, which could have been developed better, but for a first book, UNTHINKABLE has a lot of potential. I am looking forward to the second book in the series.
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