Jacob at the Break of Dawn

Ellen Ginsberg
Jacob at the Break of Dawn


Siren Publishing, Inc
Release Date
October 2011
Book 3 of Dreamcatcher
Alternate Universe, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Cursed at birth with the ability to perceive the dreams, memories, and emotional states of almost everyone around him, planeswalker Jacob Walker has never given a thought to himself.

After a harrowing war destroys his home plane, Morgana, he flees to the Earth plane in search of a savior to restore peace to the supernatural realm. When he arrives, he is met with Alexander Craven, a fiercely determined werewolf who believes himself incapable of love and has spent his entire life training to return to Morgana and join the fight. Giving in to the pull of fate, Jacob and Alexander join their vastly dissimilar souls, granting Jacob access to Alexander's terrifying strength and making Alexander vulnerable to Jacob's oversensitive psyche.

In the dark hours following the end of the great supernatural war,their union may just provide Morgana with the hero it needs…if it doesn't destroy them first.
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