The Chameleon Goggles

Maureen O. Betita
The Chameleon Goggles
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Decadent Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Book 2 of The Kraken's Caribbean
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Steampunk Romance

Nothing is ever dull in the Kraken's Caribbean, at least not for very long. Emily is settling into life with her new husband in this strange new world when things heat up again! A zeppelin sighting opens the door into another realm and unlocks the gate to Captain Jezebel's past, barricaded for decades.

The denizens of Tortuga must band together to save their world from an invasion that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear and when Jezebel disappears, Emily and the motley crew of the Cursed Quill risk everything to travel to a world where greed is king and lives chattel for the Directors and their pet scientists.

Jezebel is thrust back into the horror of her childhood, and the carefully constructed walls protecting her mind crumble. Her life in the Caribbean, her relationship with Mick…her very sanity, hang in the balance. Novan has come for their lost daughter and all her stolen inventions. What can a 17th century pirate ship do against a military airship? Even with the great Albino Kraken at their side?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Dec 16, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The world of the Kraken's Caribbean is fantastic and THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES, the latest release in the Kraken's Caribbean Trilogy, will immediately draw you into a world where the women are strong, the pirates are plenty, and you can travel to alternative worlds through mirrors. Interested yet? You should be.

Captain Jezebel has a past that she has tried to bury while making a new life for herself in Tortuga in the Kraken's Carribean, but when she's informed of a zeppelin sighting, she's afraid that her past has caught up with her. When strangers to Tortuga start showing up, everyone knows that something is up, but Jezebel remains tight-lipped, even to Mick, her lover and second-in-command.

Mick loves the sometimes infuriating Jezebel, even if she won't tell him about her past. But when she's kidnapped, he launches a campaign to get her back, not caring about the consequences it may have for other people. What he doesn't realize is that when Jezebel is forced to face her horrifying past, she may never look at anything the same way--including him.

THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES was unlike anything I've ever read before. With a combination of steampunk and pirates, it was full of adventure and fantasy, but also had an underlying love story.

Set in the world of the Kraken's Caribbean, I truly didn't know what I was in for with every page turn. There were female pirates who were strong and totally kick ass, then also we have witches, werewolves, vampires, and weird sea creatures with powers. The world was so unique, I honestly felt like I had to just go along for the ride because there was no way I could anticipate what was going to happen next.

Jezebel was a very interesting character. With her strength and fearless attitude, it was very interesting to see the immense vulnerability she also had. Mick, who didn't mind letting Jezebel take control on the ship or in the bedroom, seem to have the right amount of strength and surrender to make him a perfect match for her.

One of the things I loved about this book was that besides the amazing world and interesting characters, this was a love story featuring an older hero and heroine. Although aging is different in the Kraken's Caribbean, Mick and Jezebel are in their forties at least, and they definitely make it sexy. So, don't expect them to be staid and proper, their lovin' was rough and raw. Who knew being over forty could be so hot!

So, THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES was a fantastic read with great adventure, amazing fantasy, and awesome characters. This is book two in the Kraken's Caribbean Trilogy, and while I didn't feel I missed anything by starting here, I will have to go back and read book one as I am sure to be as thoroughly entertained as I was with this one!
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BOOK INTERVIEW on December 2011
Interview by Rho

Ms. Betita, thank you for letting us pick your brain a little about your newest release THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES!

Q: The world you've created in the Kraken's Caribbean in amazing. Please tell us more about this fantastic world you've created.

Well, this isn't your everyday Tortuga! My island sits at a crossroads for alternate worlds and times. Anyone might drop in. The only thing keeping the world from being overrun is the Great Albino Kraken and the magic workers. They work together to make certain no weapons of mass destruction come through, nothing that would upset the balance of power. Chocolate? Yes. Ray guns? No. iPods? Yes. Poisonous gas? No.

Q: What is about Steampunk and Pirates that draw you to write it?

I love the total anarchy of steampunk, the take what ya wants and make it yer own nature of it. Rules? Eh! Really, it's a natural mix for pirates to slip through the many facets of steampunk and take what works. I tend to abhor rules when it comes to writing and world building. I cringe at being told you can't do that. Just makes me want to do it even more.

Q: One of the most interesting things about the world in Kraken's Caribbean is the technology. Please tell us how you came up with such wonderful ideas for these inventions, "The Chameleon Goggles" included.

Technology…oh, you mean the blenders on the bar? And the CD players? Well, Tortuga is where all those things that fall off of cargo ships wash up. ;-) I'd hate to be in the 1690 Caribbean without some modern conveniences…so I put them there. And I know it's a sunny place, so I came up with a way for solar power to keep all the ‘toys' working. (Someone really need to invent solar thread!) Now, the Goggles? Well, I wanted goggles, and since Jezebel's talent involved optics and working with glass…seemed to just rise out of my twisty little mind. Goggles that disguised the wearer…diabolical, wasn't it?

Q: Speaking of Jezebel, our female pirate ship captain has a pretty horrific past. Why was that part of her history important for making her who she is in THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES?

I felt it paramount to understanding why she keeps herself apart. She's a woman who believes in her own intelligence, but doesn't trust anyone and sees little to admire in softer emotions. Jezzie is convinced that everyone has an ulterior motive, there is no such thing as altruism. It's what she learned growing up. Oddly enough, she doesn't see her philosophy as negative, it's a neutral and realistic viewpoint.

Q: Tell us more about Mick. What makes him an interesting hero?

I love Mick! He is a flexible man, willing to bend and shape to fit the situation. He is morally ambiguous, enjoys drinking and being a pirate. He carries a deep streak of pragmatism and wants to be the big hero, if it weren't so much bother. His devotion to Jezebel is intense. They both play at not being serious…sort of sliding around each other, acting like either one could walk away. But it isn't that way. He sees it before she does. He is very intuitive.

Q: Jezebel and Mick have quite an interesting relationship. He tends to turn over the reins to her so to speak. Please enlighten us on why their relationship works best that way and what your motivation was in creating it.

Well, in the beginning, it's what she wants and he wants her to want him…so he goes along. Eventually, he recognizes that the relationship goes deeper. She answers his need to feel free of the aura of decisions. But we all know, the reality of any authentic top/bottom relationship is that the real power lies with the bottom. Mick understands that most of all.

Q: Your hero and heroine are older. What was your motivation behind making them non-traditional in that way?

Again, it's partly the whole rule thing. Who wrote this rule that the H/H have to be in their twenties and physically perfect? I don't know about you, but that isn't me or most of the people I know. I write stories for the rest of us. The world is full of vibrant people who aren't forever twenty. The babyboomers aren't sitting back in rocking chairs and fading away. We dance, we make love, we go to pirate festivals and we read.

Q: What makes them perfect for each other?

They fit into each other's empty places and together, they are more than whole, they are more than two, they are an unbeatable force.

Q: Wow...that sounds so poetic! One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Mick, our hero, takes Jezebel, our heroine so sweetly after she returns from her kidnapping. It was so poignant and revealed so many of the feelings that they had trouble revealing themselves. What is your favorite scene in THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES and why?

Oh, the scene where Mick is being chased by the seeker and it won't stop…I love how he dodges and darts and uses everything and everyone to get away. And just when he thinks it's over…

Here's an excerpt:

"Whoever kidnapped Jezebel sent that thing." Mick shook his head, astounded at the battle. He nodded gratefully as Sam filled his glass again, then took stock of his condition as the cool rum energized him. His ankle hurt, but he didn't think it broken. He wiped his lips, slammed the empty glass down, and moved to examine the corpse or whatever.

The long coat bulged oddly. Mick studied the swelling, noticed it was growing. He didn't like that, not at all.

Sally joined her husband at Mick's side. Mick held out his arm. "I'd get back. You hear that?"

"What?" Sam leaned closer and frowned. "It's ticking."

"A bomb?" Sally grabbed her husband. "Out! Get out!"

Mick lingered, in the doorway. The rest scattered into the street. The coat protruded upward then the sound of ripping filled the room. He angled his head to get a better view as the garment spilled its secrets onto the floor. Wires, coils, cogs, and gears rolled out and converged on each other. The blender at the bar shook and shattered, followed by the music player. Lights cobbled together from some of the flotsam that washed ashore over the years, fell to pieces and scattered on the floor. The wires snaked out to them, building something he bet meant more mischief.

"Shit!" He slammed the door shut. "I think our problem just got worse."

Q: What a cliffhanger! There is huge amount of action and adventure in THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES. What kind of research went into making them so captivating and exciting?

I watch a lot of television, action adventure movies. I'm a huge fan of the madcap chase scene where the odds are against the good guys, who use everything plus the kitchen sink, to get away. And cheating is just a survival tactic.

Q: THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES is book two of the The Kraken's Caribbean Trilogy. Please share with us a preview of book three.

Ah, The Pirate Circus, which comes out on February 3rd… Here's the blurb…

Bosun Janey knows who and what she is. A pirate. And a damned good one at that. Living a life of excitement, adventure, and sailing the seas of the Kraken's Caribbean is enough for her. But when the Quill is stuck in dry dock, Janey is left to search for distraction along Tortuga's waterfront. How does a pirate occupy herself? Certainly not by making friends with a six-year-old boy or mooning after the boy's father. That's not how a pirate behaves!

Widower Benjamin Silvestri arrived in Tortuga seeking a fresh start. At first, the pirate haven doesn't seem like a safe sanctuary for second chances, but life is full of surprises. The sun breathes life into his little boy, and new freedoms help his errant niece embrace her true nature. And then there's Janey. A pirate and most unconventional woman, she stirs feelings in Benjamin that are far from proper.

But who's to say what is proper in Tortuga? Before he and Janey can explore the possibilities, Benjamin's son and niece disappear onto the high seas. Together, the couple set out to rescue them—because only a loving father and a cut-throat pirate stand a chance against the dangers of The Pirate Circus.

Q: What is next for you? Please share with us any upcoming projects.

At present I'm preparing THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES for print, working on a fourth book in the trilogy, tentatively called The Kraken's Promise… (hee, hee. Yeah, three just didn't do it.) Plus my agent has an urban fantasy and a scifi romance she's reviewing…I like to work on multiple projects at the same time and presently have three new stories on the burner, plus I'm editing several older stories. And I'm preparing for Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium in January, aboard the historic ocean liner the Queen Mary, then the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in April. It's gonna be a busy year!

I'm also holding a contest on my blog and giving away a lovely holiday kraken ornament. Come over to blog and check it out!

Thanks so much for inviting us into your amazing world. I really had a great time. I can't wait to read more of the world of The Kraken's Caribbean!


I'm a writer living on the central coast of California, specifically the wondrous Monterey Bay. My specialty is romantic adventure stories featuring thoughtful heroines, offbeat heroes and settings that range from the Caribbean Sea to alien worlds. At the core to every story I write is a 2nd chance.

In April of 2007, I nearly died. My heart stopped and only the quick action of my husband saw me wake in a hospital bed days later, alive and completely bewildered as to what had happened. The doctors called it sudden cardiac death. I now have an implanted defibrillator in case it happens again. I was fortunate to survive. In being given a 2nd chance with my life, I dedicated herself to fulfilling the dream of being a published writer.

That dream is presently sailing along, gaining speed and finding the more amiable currents, sweetest winds and best anchorage. An trip full of adventure!

I have no set office, but wander from Starbucks to Starbucks to write amidst the chaos of coffee serving mayhem. Join me on this voyage of creative discovery. Set sail to lands of imaginative adventure, erotic play and rapturous poetry.



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