A Demon Does It Better

Linda Wisdom
A Demon Does It Better
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Release Date
January 2012
Paranormal Romance

Lovely witch Lili Carter takes a job at a paranormal hospital where patients have been disappearing. There she encounters Jared, a dangerously sexy demon on a mission that gets Lili into a world of trouble. Lili can't avoid Jared for long and soon they find themselves creating a whole new kind of magick...

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jan 23, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A refreshing paranormal romance with delightful, original characters, A DEMON DOES IT BETTER is a must read for anyone who loves witches and demons and everything magickal.

Lili returned to work at Crying Souls Hospital mainly to find out where her friend Sera has gone, Sera who had mysteriously disappeared. Instead, she finds herself attracted to a demon named Jared, and it was only later that she learned he was a patient at the mental asylum part of the supernatural hospital where she was working. Yet, he didn't seem to be mentally unstable at all. Moreover, the basement where these patients were being treated gave her the creeps and she didn't think it was conducive to their recovery. Even as Lili and Jared explored their attraction, events are coming to a head that might threaten their very lives.

The worldbuilding in A DEMON DOES IT BETTER is superb, certainly unlike anything I've read before. Here we have a third dimensional plane called Inderman where the supernaturals congregate, but even in the mundane world, the humans knew of the supernaturals, and they seem to co-exist in a certain harmony. Mainly, the story deals with the problems and situations in the supernatural world.

Lili is a big-hearted character; she risks her own life to try to discover what happened to her friend, and she's what a doctor, a healer should be: one who is interested mainly in the well-being of her patient, whoever or whatever that patient may be.

Jared on the other hand is one sexy demon who's locked up for being insane, but who in fact is not. Some mystery definitely surrounds him, but he's not willing to involve Lili, whom he was afraid to find he was coming to care for very much. I love his fierce protective side, when despite his bound and weakened state, he was willing to do whatever he can to keep her safe.

The best secondary character is Lili's cat, Cleo, though she might take umbrage at being referred thus. She's snarky and fun, and certainly got a personality that just jumps out right at you. Perhaps that's because in her previous life, she's Cleopatra, queen of the Nile. She's certainly a hoot and almost eclipsed Lili, that's for sure.

The story was a great adventure, but I wish the writing could've flowed smoother. Despite this, A DEMON DOES IT BETTER is one fun read that you won't want to miss!
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