On Probation

Rachael Baron
On Probation
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
December 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance

When Pat--a submissive young IT geek--is caught wanking in the office, his CEO Ms Davis calls him onto the carpet and presents him with a choice: be fired in disgrace, or accept the strict terms of a new probationary period as her personal slave.

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Feb 08, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wanking off in the office while fantasizing about your boss is probably not advisable.

Pat is a young and foolish little IT boy, what more could a person expect? I would at least expect he lock the door so he wouldn't be caught. No such forethought with horny and socially awkward Pat. Pat is caught with his pants down, literally.

Ms. Davis is the CEO of the company and she takes Pat to task for his indiscretion. What Ms. Davis does is sexual harassment case from hell. I'm appalled at how Ms. Davis is written to take advantage of Pat. I would have rated this one star had it not been for the smexy scene. I enjoyed her domination of Pat which I gave as three stars. The average between the sex and the storyline resulted in the two stars.

I enjoy boss and subordinate sexual tension. I especially enjoy the naughty power play between the two. I'm also a fan of femdom. This story made me cringe because I felt like I was watching an innocent lamb being slaughtered by a rabid hungry wolf. The dynamic between Ms. Davis and Pat was more a sexual predator and a na´ve virgin. This rubbed me the wrong way. I would have preferred to see a self-confident Pat being lured into submission. If Ms. Davis were a bit more interested in Pat as a person rather than a sex toy, I would have enjoyed the story a bit more. Lastly, the punishment Ms. Davis doles out to Pat was not in proportion to the offense he committed. I would understand it better if he had been writing a blog detailing sexual fantasies with all these powerful women around him. I would also understand if he installed web cameras under their desks or in the women's bathroom. Or if he surfed porn all day long for months, it would have made his punishment more acceptable to me. Instead of a sexy power exchange used to take an employee to task, I find Ms. Davis comes across as a controlling micromanaging bitch. This is not sexy to me and turned me off. Since I'm vicariously living through her role in the story, this left distaste in my mouth.

I recommend this story to femdom fans that enjoy a young male at their feet, worshiping their every move.
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