Mistress Divine

Alex Jordaine
Mistress Divine
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Xcite Books Ltd
Release Date
November 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Paul becomes ever more insanely jealous of his Mistress Caroline's lesbian relationship with fellow dominatrix Anita. It leads the normally dutiful slave to start misbehaving. Then he commits the cardinal sin of disobeying a direct instruction from his Mistress.

As punishment for his wrongdoing the furious Caroline disciplines Paul relentlessly. She does however finally forgive the poor benighted slave. Anita disappears off the scene to be replaced by Nicole, who Caroline and Paul both find immensely attractive.

She moves in with the kinky couple to engage in a sadomasochistic ménage a trois. This is supposed to be a no-strings-attached arrangement but soon takes an unexpected turn, which will change all of their lives forever.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Feb 01, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A sexual slave only obeys his mistress and suffers even when she is in the wrong. At least this is how Paul's life is structured. Paul is a submissive male who has dedicated his life to his mistress, Caroline, as a 24/7 slave. He even gave up his job for her. He is completely dependent upon her and if she should tire of him and kick him out of her house, he would be both homeless and penniless. This is a pretty frightening prospect and why many vanilla people do not understand how a person could allow themselves into this situation. Reading MISTRESS DIVINE will probably test many people's comfort zone. I believe it even tested mine. It was not the BDSM content which pushed me to my limit; it was what I considered mistreatment of Paul by Caroline which upset me.

This story as far as SM content goes was amazing. I enjoyed the sadistic scenes. I may not understand how someone can derive pleasure from the sheer intensity of the pain inflicted, yet I still appreciate it and did become aroused. I became aroused because it turned the pain sluts on so that they orgasm. As far as a BDSM material goes, this would be a 5 star rating for me. The scenes are a bit more intense than what I would recommend to the SugarKink and GlitterKink fans. I loved the whippings, floggings, orgasm denials, wax play and quite a bit of edgeplay. What I didn't enjoy was the dynamics between Caroline and Paul.

Caroline is an extremely sadistic Domme. This I was fine with and enjoyed. What I didn't like was her complete inability to see to the needs of her slave. I felt she abused him by not focusing on their relationship and keeping the trust. She didn't communicate with him at all when he was feeling insecure or troubled. She just punished him for not obeying her and never reassured him when he was emotionally fragile. I became so incensed I yelled at my Kindle urging Paul to leave the bloody bitch. She doesn't deserve him. While they come to an understanding and Caroline sees she made bad assumptions, I cannot forgive or forget her mistakes. Paul takes it all in stride because he loves her and she's his soul mate. I feel nothing but pity for Paul. I feel nothing but disgust and revulsion for Caroline.

In this Total Power Exchange (TPE), Caroline does have all the power. Since Caroline possesses the power, my expectation is she also uses it to provide and care for slave's emotional as well as physical well-being. She provides a home which he pays for as her house slave, completing all the chores. When he feels threatened and another Domme tells him that he's going to be replaced for a better and younger model, rather than having a discussion which Caroline discourages, he's treated with contempt and more beatings than he can handle. When he breaks, rather than determining why he broke, Caroline tosses him aside as a broken toy. I cannot express how much this crushed me. I do not know how Paul survived this complete breach in trust and faith in his Domme.

What really bothered me about Caroline is her complete disregard for Paul's feelings. She falls in and out of love rather easily with other women, which is a fear of Paul's. First it's Anita, then it's Nicole. While the outcomes of her injection of another lover or lovers into her relationship with Paul are different, it still comes across as gross negligence of a slave's welfare.

The ending of this story is surprisingly a happily ever after. I say surprisingly because I did not find it believable. In addition, I felt as if the last few chapters of the book were from another story. Regardless of the ending, which I did enjoy, I still have reservations about this book. Based on what I consider a healthy good communication between a Domme and a sub to build trust for a BDSM relationship, I rate this book a 1 star. This is why my rating for this book is a 3 star. The average between the 5 and 1 star is a 3 star. I recommend this to hardcore BDSM lovers.
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