Camille Anthony; Kate Douglas; Willa Okati; Marteeka Karland; B.J. McCall; Alexis Fleming; Kira Stone; Cat Marsters; Amelia Elias; Alecia Monaco; Sierra Dafoe; Marie Treanor; Isabelle Spurrier; Cassandra Kane; Tuesday Morrigan; Jade Buchanan; Mary Winter
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Changeling Press
Release Date
October 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Follow your fantasies for fun in the sun with seventeen of your favorite Changeling authors!

This anthology contains seventeen previously released Escape! novellas. These titles are all available as individual e-book releases.

Book Review by Erinne (author)
Dec 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Seeing as how this is an anthology, I have divided the stories and reviewed them individually. Though the authors are talented and are excellent writers, some of the stories tickled my fancy and some did not. But this was definitely a sweet escape and the title fits perfectly!

Runaway Home by Camille Anthony 3.25 Stars

As much as I loved the descriptions, the story was a bit tedious. Our heroine, Sioux (great name, by the way), a gorgeous woman, had serious self-esteem issues! And it was highly frustrating and aggravating! She was constantly belittling herself even though a hunky werewolf desperately wanted her! I grew tired of her lack of confidence to the point that I couldn't enjoy the story. I understand that she had been through some hard times, but with our hero, Jack, constantly rambling on about Sioux's beauty, then her constant self-depreciation made me nauseous. Just enjoy his sexy self, please!

Firefighter's Sour by Tuesday Morrigan 3.5 Stars

The erotic aspects of this little tale was excellent but the character arcs left me a bit hollow. They kept saying they belonged to each other, but I didn't feel that connection between them. The story felt rushed and it definitely needed to be longer. After all, when a sexy phoenix is the hero, a reader must know more! But if you don't care about rushed emotions, then the eroticism is well worth reading.

The Frog in the Room by Jade Buchanan 4 Stars

What else can a girl do but be ecstatic when a real live frog King falls for a down on his luck hero? I thought this little love nip was both creative and unique. Having a Frog King turn into a gorgeous, drop-dead sexy man is always appreciated! This was excellent M/M action!

Lunar Lovers by Kira Stone 4 Stars

Our hero, David, has a fur fetish! And it can only be sated by falling for a werewolf! Enter, Caine, the sexiest werewolf one could possibly stumble upon! Imagine the possiblities...This was an excellent M/M read. The eroticism was written well and the creativity made me giggle!

Pool Boys by Sierra Dafoe 4 Stars

Talk about a sweet escape! When a recently divorced woman finds herself surrounded by three hunky men in Belize, she instantly finds her small piece of heaven!

Gator Bait by Mary Winter 4 Stars

When gator wrangler, Sylvie, discovers that some gators are capable of shifting, she knows exactly what to do! Take that man on the beach, girlfriend!

Isle of Dreams by Alexis Fleming 3.75 Stars

Although the writing was excellent, I didn't really feel as if the 'sex slave' aspect of the story was fully conveyed. It was merely just stated but still it didn't really detract from the story of Dana, an overworked heroine who finds herself in the middle of two sexy djinn! What fun!

Demon Ahoy! by Cassandra Kane 3.5 Stars

Five hundred years is a long time to hold a grudge and to live without closure! But that's just what Kal, an elemental, has done. And boy, is she ever pissed when she finally encounters the demon who broke her heart! Enter Sark, a demon living in exile. He had been put there by forces not under his control and he had been just aching to tell Kal that it wasn't his fault he had left! But when he saw her again, the only thing he wanted her to know was how much he loved her!

Sex on the Beach? by Willa Okati 4 Stars

This was very well written! I giggled and laughed several times at the witty banter between two vampire lovers, Dusty and Warren. Though these two men be polar opposites, they be crazy on the beach! Well, makeshift room beach because sun still kills some vampires!

Devilish Fantasy by Marie Treanor 3.75 Stars

Although devils really aren't my thing, serving out penance by pleasing a sexually frustrated woman was what the doctor ordered! Our heroine, Fiona, feels overlooked and undervalues herself but along comes Luce, the creature she wished for and everything that she has ever wished for comes true! Hooray!

For a Good Time Call by Amelia Elias 4.25 Stars

When sex-starved Ava decides to go on vacation and read a mystical chant, she didn't realize that she would actually summon a man who could scratch that itch! And scratch it he did!

Werewolf Cove by Marteeka Karland 3 Stars

Although this was well written, I couldn't like the hero, Connor. He was so possessive and jealous that it made me nauseous. I suppose some women are into that, but I'm not. So, I couldn't enjoy the story. As for our heroine, Isabella, she could do with some backbone. When her jealous ex, Connor became upset that she left him because she wanted to be his wife but he wouldn't allow it, he emptied out her apartment in an attempt to get her back! But when they meet up again, sparks fly! I'm sorry, but I just couldn't like Connor even though he was being a jerk because he was a werewolf forbidden to be with a human.

Gremlins by Isabelle Spurrier 4.25 Stars

This was adorable! I appreciate the creativity that went into creating a gremlin that thrived on making fantasies come true! Imagine an online lover who was always anonymous and yet he knew everything about you...sounds creepy at first but when said stranger turns out to be the creature of your dreams, hell yeah! This was wildly fun and I enjoyed it immensely!

Room Service by Cat Marsters 3.75 Stars

This was a sexy read between a way-too involved with her work heroine, Sam, and a hunky hero who is as supernatural as it gets! I won't tell you what he is and spoil the surprise! But this puts a new spin on room service!

Island Dreamin' by Kate Douglas 3.75 Stars

Well, the blurb claimed that "Island Dreamin'" was every woman's fantasy and I did enjoy the story, but I wasn't a fan of the ending. I can't say more on the subject because of spoilers and this was fun to read so I don't ruin it for you! Just know that if you ever have two hunky guys restrained, don't be alarmed, you're in charge, sweetheart!

Midnight Sun by Alecia Monaco 4.25 Stars

I thought the writing was clever and this line in particular made me laugh "Sylvia stepped into the room, looking as cheerful as Marie Antoinette on her way to the guillotine." So, obviously, Alecia Monaco knows how to write! That being said, this story was delicious! I would sink my teeth into it if I were you! And I'm not even a fan of vampires! But the vampire, Marco, boy howdy that undead thing was special! He was smooth and seductive like every good vampire should be and he was even better on the sand with our heroine, Sylvia. That lucky girl.

Sex in the Sand by B.J. McCall 3.75 Stars

I did enjoy this story--right up until the end. Our heroine, Astra, was just looking for a reprieve as was our hero, Drak. And so Fate brought the woman and the vampire together and trust me, it was dirty, naughty meeting!

I gave Escape! Anthology 4 Stars because I overall enjoyed the stories. And the best part about reading this anthology is, you won't find any sand itching you physically, instead, you'll discover a different kind of itch you will desperately want to scratch it!
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