The Limit of Desire

Nico Rosso
The Limit of Desire
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
November 2011
Book 3 of The Limit War
Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Captain Jessa Tok is a veteran soldier, but when an artillery strike separates her from the squad she commands, it may be the end of her career and her life. Then a single Dawn Soldier fights his way behind enemy lines to find her. The last man she'd expect. The one soldier she'd had a fling with and was trying to forget.

Sergeant Ryder Hiltop never thought of himself as a hero. He's a career soldier, just trying not to get killed. But when his captain is lost during an attack, he has to go find her. And not just for the sake of the other Dawn Soldiers. A shore leave with Jessa left an indelible mark on him, and he'll do anything to make sure she's safe. But is it a suicide mission to find her? And if they manage to fight their way to safety, can their brief affair grow into something more?

Book Review by Calisto (reviewer)
Jan 23, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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An action filled, science fiction love story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

THE LIMIT OF DESIRE features Captain Jessa Tok, who ends up being separated from her squad during an enemy attack. The last thing she expects to see behind enemy lines is Sergeant Ryder Hiltop, the one man she's been trying to put out of her mind since their extended leave together. Ryder isn't about to let their difference in ranks get in the way of something special and he will stop at nothing to get her back to safety. With their retreat cutoff, they embark on a daring mission that could turn the tide of the campaign and discover that their brief affair was anything but temporary.

THE LIMIT OF DESIRE is the third book in the Limit War series, but if you haven't read the first two books, like me, it is actually quite easy to become engaged in the story, characters and universe. The fast pace of the story is a great treat for science fiction fans and universe specific terminology flows easily within the story without hampering the reader.

Even though this story is easily accessible, I did feel that this story was an episode of an established series, which makes this more of a love story instead of a romance. Jessa and Ryder are already in an established, if somewhat vague, romantic relationship. They are lovers before the story starts and that makes this story more about them coming to terms with the permanence of their relationship than about their courtship.

I do wish there was a bit more explanation about the universe to round out the experience, but I totally appreciate of choice that Mr. Rosso made in passing on the ‘sex break' scene. There is smut but it is very cleverly done.

For its short length, THE LIMIT OF DESIRE is an action filled science fiction love story that is entertaining and worth reading. I will definitely look for more stories in this universe.
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