Immortal steps

Kira Stone
Immortal steps
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Changeling Press LLC
Release Date
January 2011
LGBTQ, Vamps & Shifters Romance

In the modern age, Vampirism is a newly identified medical condition, but Kyle's old school. He is trained to protect the unturned from the greedy Hunters who would sell them on the black market -- one piece at a time.

Tain, a renowned celtic dancer, has bitter memories of his first crush -- the trainer who left him without a word. For years he's flung himself from one brief romantic encounter to another, the subject of tabloid gossip and speculation, always insisting he's not gay. When Kyle, Tain's old mentor, comes back into Tain's life, the last thing Tain wants is to give the man, or the vampire, a place in his heart.

Kyle vows to keep Tain safe, even if he has to do it from a distance. He's got to regain his protégé's trust if they're both going to stay alive. That is, if Tain's emerging vampiric powers don't kill them both first.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jan 16, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Making vampirism a disease is something I've read about before. It is an intriguing concept with plenty of possibilities for world development and character challenges. It is also a difficult subject to write about simply because vampires are all but an everlasting topic of discussion and bringing something new to the table is all but impossible.

Here the main characters consist of a vampire who is so in love he's pretty much a stalker and a dancer who is about to turn within days. Their banter and chemistry are very interesting and the sexual tension is just about bursting from the pages.

Kyle was an intriguing character who obviously had a past and too many secrets to tell, while Tain seemed somewhat of a brat who was too scared to let go. But that's about it when it comes to impressions. Nothing more was really said about them and there just weren't enough pages to get to know the characters. The story moved too fast and I wasn't really able to experience the world the author tried to create. The explanations about the disease came as an afterthought and those about the vampire world itself seemed farfetched and inconclusive. By the end of the story I wasn't any more enlightened than I was at the beginning and it kind of ruined the enjoyment for me.

Like in one other of Kira Stone's book that I've read, I found some details to be extremely entertaining and her sense of humor with which she pushes her ideas forward very refreshing.

IMMORTAL STEPS is not a book for everyone and it does lack essence, but it's fun enough that I'm sure it will find plenty of audience.
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