Rudy's Red Nose

Sui Lynn
Rudy's Red Nose
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
December 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

A Silver Sparkle Christmas Story

Austrian exchange student Rudolph Stroh is spending his first Christmas abroad. With his family thousands of miles away, homesickness and loneliness are
Rudy's only holiday companions.

Benjamin Tinge is a nineteen year old college dropout. A family tragedy left him and his little brother, Tommy, homeless and living in a tent in the park, struggling just to stay warm. Keeping Tommy alive as a blizzard rolls in is all Benji wants for Christmas.

When Rudy discovers the brothers huddled in their tent behind a holiday display, he offers to help. Benji is wary, afraid to trust. Can the two mend each other's hearts as Christmas Eve draws near?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Dec 20, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's that time of the year again when everything is about family, comfort and warmth. It doesn't matter if we celebrate during the holidays, or spend the time alone, relaxing, there is just something in the air that makes you feel the atmosphere deep in your chest.

This story was one of the perfect examples of what Christmas is about. Rudy is missing his family who are in Austria where Christmas for them has always been a big thing and where the connection between him and his parents and brothers really stands out. He's alone in America, spending holidays in an empty apartment, and instead of the usual cheer, what he feels is closer to despair and longing. Then one night when the weather man predicts a heavy snow storm, he finds two brothers camping in a park. He invites them over, giving them a place to stay, and at the same time finds himself someone to spend the holidays with.

Rudy is a very warm and family oriented character. I could almost imagine him at home with his parents and brothers, celebrating in a way that is very close to the customs in my country. Benji has lost his family and is trying to do the best he can to keep his brother. It doesn't take him long to start caring for Rudy and ignore his pride in order to accept the help Rudy willingly offers.

I think the details about the cultural differences have a certain impact and made this story all the more special. One particular sentence where Rudy says how there is no going back for him kind of stood out for me because I know how true it is. Benji and Tommy brought a bit of life into the mellow air surrounding this story and rounded it all up nicely.

My tripping point was the romance. I thought it was nice and romantic, overall very sweet, but the jump from nothing to everything was just too sharp, cutting the nice flow of the story and just disrupting it. From feeling very warm and cuddly about the holidays and smiling through the pages, I had moments where the words I was reading became terribly unrealistic and ruined my mood.

However, if you are looking for a nice Christmas story to get into the spirit of the holidays, add this one to your list and enjoy.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Silver Publishing.
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